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Showing an Image in Android on WM16

Startbeitrag von John am 25.09.2011 17:58


I'm trying to accomplish quite a tricky task using WM16 in Android mode, and that is displaying an image. I've simply placed an Image control on the screen and pointed it to an image. In dev mode I can see the image, but when I run it on the device, a Galaxy Tab, nothing appears. I've other images set on other pages which display and even tried to display the image on a separate window, but no joy. I've even tried to display ANY bloody image, but no joy! And yes, I've checked all the settings on the Image control to make sure it SHOULD display!

I had a similar problem with Windows Mobile apps in that if the image size is over something like 216 x 163 pixels, it blew WinDev's tiny mind, I'm wondering if there is something similar here?

And why if I put an Image Control on a Window in Android does it mean the whole project has to run in Landscape mode?




Oopps I mean Camera Control in the last sentence !

von John - am 25.09.2011 18:18
Hi, I'm having the same problem. If anyone has an answer to this that would be great!

von AndersH - am 21.03.2012 11:25
Hi John,
Did you already haved a look at the camera example?

I'm using this and it works ok.
sFile is string = VideoStartApp(viPictureCapture)
IMG_Photo1 = sFile

von Arie - am 21.03.2012 18:16
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