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WD: How to use a .Net Assembly

Startbeitrag von Gianni Spano am 03.10.2011 09:46

Hello to all

It is my first attempt to use a .Net Assembly on a WD project.

I'm trying to use this useful .Net Assembly to do some date calculation.

Here is the link:

The "dcDateTimeLib" library has been loaded into the project and i'm able
to see it on the right pane with all the methods, etc, etc.

My Questions:

- What do i have to do to use this .net (declaration, object handle, etc)

- There is a method in this .Net assembly called "FirstDayInWeek" that should return
the first day in a week passing a date as parameter, but i don't know how to use it.
How to do?

Thanks in advance



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