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Is WebDev 16 all it is cracked up to be?

Startbeitrag von Clarion Ghost am 19.10.2011 14:55

Hi Guys,

I am considering purchasing WebDev 16 and after looking through the tutorial can't help but notice the similarities to Clarion. This will be a new learning curve for me, simply put, does WebDev 16 do what it says on the box? What do you like about it, and what don't you like about it. How good is the support? Anyone have any idea how many Developers in the UK use the package.

Many Thanks


Well, I didn't get any of the answers! BUT I did buy the package. Getting started was very confusing, you could say tough.

I bought in at the End of January. My only comment is that WebDev is absolutely brilliant! My only regret is not using it before!


von Clarion Ghost - am 02.07.2012 08:52
No answers? Wonder why. Considering the history of this forum, maybe you should change your profile name to ....... something that doesn't have the "C" word in it.

2 cents


von issah - am 03.07.2012 23:36
Because I didn't get any answers to this particular post, it doesn't mean that I have not had loads of support, both on the forum and off the forum. I have!

Clarion served me well at the time and certainly eased my way into WebDev. Even so I still consider myself a beginner with much to learn about WebDev and the Net. WebDev is bigger and much better. Yes, I am finding lots of things difficult to understand, but then I am at the beginning of the journey.

Abandon Clarion roots. No I am not a hypocrite. The Clarion Ghost will always haunt!

Best Wishes

von Clarion Ghost - am 04.07.2012 00:12
Hi there!

I've got no Clarion experience and I also got no other web experience. I do know xml, (X)html, CSS and a bit of ASP.net. A few months ago I started with Windev but within a few weeks or maybe months I'm suppose to make my windev application webbased. I will have to learn Webdev (or Windev mobile for pda).

How do you all got started with Webdev???

Nadine N.

von NadineNo - am 04.07.2012 07:29
Hi Nadine,

All ready you are streets ahead of me. I am far from being an expert, those I have found on the forum. I have had some brilliant help with basic stuff. I find the Help pages very difficult to navigate, but that is also improving.

I jumped straight into WebDev as I had a project in mind. That I think is the key to learning from a practical point of view. Trial and error is the way I have progressed, without help from the Forum I would have been totally stuffed. The more I try, the more I learn and the more I realise how much I don't know.

I am based in the South West of England and am looking to find a like minded group. So if anyone has any ideas on that, please let me know.

Best Wishes

von Clarion Ghost - am 04.07.2012 07:52
Hi Ian,

What do you mean with a like minded group? Do you mean something like this forum or do you mean a group who get's together every month to talk about Windev? In Belgium there is a Windev group but for me it's to far and by boss won't allow me to go there on friday.

von NadineNo - am 05.07.2012 12:18
Hi gang -

I've been using WebDev for a couple of years now, but still consider myself an amateur. I had many of the same problems y'all listed here - difficulty with the help files, difficulty getting answers on this forum, etc.

i had to reach out to a couple of people that consult on the side for help on many occasions. Unfortunately, that got rather expensive.

I'd love to find a group that is more responsive than this forum, and doesn't assume that I know things / should know things that I don't. If you guys find one, or start one, please let me know.

In the mean time - feel free to email me with questions - I'll help out as I can - joel.waldron@gmail.com.

Be well,


von Joel - am 05.07.2012 14:30

Sometimes I see posts which are very interesting, but rather difficult explained. I thought it was me who don't understood but I've got the feeling that I'm not the only one :D

Certainly stuff to think about. I"m in.. Some kind of WDWDF (WindevWebdevFreakz)


von NadineNo - am 06.07.2012 08:43
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