serial port - how to wait for ACK

Startbeitrag von Arie am 22.10.2011 14:43

I have to connect to a serial device (cash dispenser in this case)-.
After sending a string with some info to the device, I have to wait a certain time for acknowledge (ACK).
I can think of:
1. setting an eEveCharReceived event and
2. using sInEntryQueue() in a loop, directly after writing to the comport

In both cases I need a way to timeout if it takes to long.

What is the best way to do this?



I think this can be used at your own risk lol.

// The COM2 port is opened
Number is int
// Send a message to the output buffer of COM2
sWrite(2, Message)
// Wait for the end of the write operation
// Wait for an ACK
IF sInExitQueue(2) = 6 THEN BREAK (6 the number of ACK)

Info("End of write operation")



von Manfred - am 22.10.2011 21:12
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