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[WD16] Composite Reports and rendering in HTML...

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 08.11.2011 12:02

Hi guys,

Yesterday I was producing a Composite Report and both reports are of Form type. 1st report outputs customer details and the 2nd report lists 1 or more addresses for that customer. The customer ID is passed into the main composite report and then I use iInitSubReport to initialise the customer ID for the sub reports.

All works as expected in the Preview window - i.e. the customer details are on page 1 and the addresses are on page 2, then when I select a different output type such as Word or PDF - they are fine too. BUT, when I try to render the composite report in HTML via the Preview window, the 2 reports are displayed over the top of each other! :confused:

Has anyone else seen this effect?


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