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WB14 - When or What causes a Page to automatically Refresh?

Startbeitrag von Dan Matis am 09.11.2011 12:26

What causes a WebDev Page to automatically refresh (run Page Initialization again or more than once) when running a Page?

Is it different for a AWP Page verse standard page?

Is there somewhere in the help system that explains what causes certain code to be re-executed?

Is there somewhere in the help system that explains when the specific WebDev events are triggered and in what order? for WebDev14, 15, and/ or 16?

I have a page where I create a record to the database & save the recordID to a global variable in the page. Then I use the global variable to look up the created record to update the database at 2 other locations within the page as the user adds data. But, the global variable keeps getting reset in the page initialization so I am creating 3 records all with partial data instead of 1 record with all the data.

When I run the debugger I see the Page initialization being run more than once and it reinitializes the global variable?

When and what causes the WebDev events to be triggered and in what order or ... why?

Thanks ... Dan


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