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Table control cell properties

Startbeitrag von Arie am 21.11.2011 21:41

I have a table, filled by programming. Several cells show the values I need.
Now I need an extra value (recordID) for every cell. Because every cell corresponds to a data-record. And I want to store this recordID as well, behind the scne. Like gLink() for a listbox.

I tried using the note-propoerty for that. But whatever I try, the note-property seems to be the property of the column, not of the individual cell.

What am I doing wrong?
or this


Hi Arie
AFAIK there is no way of directly dong this.
When I have needed something like this I have simply setup another table, identical in columns and rows either on another pane which can't be accessed by the user or outside the window. It's simple enough to populate that table with the required data, even with additions & deletions & it is then a simple correlation between the two to retrieve it.



von David Egan - am 22.11.2011 05:03
Hi Arie,

Create a 2-dimensional array holding the record Id's.


von Piet van Zanten - am 22.11.2011 09:16
have to do it myself. I was afraid so. But it's not that hard to do. Will cost me another hour.
Thanks David & Piet.

von Arie - am 22.11.2011 09:41
Hi Arie. The problem was that "note" property its not avaiable for table cells. The properties for table cells are listed here, in case you need it in further times.


von jose antonio garrido - am 27.11.2011 13:06
Hi Arie,

I solved such a problem by making an extra hidden column in which I save the ID. When a user clicks on a cell I read the [nRow+1] cel. In that way you can easily check the id's while you are programming because then you make a button in the screen which is only availeble in testmode. This button can make the extra columns visible and unvisible.

von Frans - am 27.11.2011 18:33
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