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How do I make complain on windev support?

Startbeitrag von CCC am 03.12.2011 08:34

I really out of patience with windev support in which it had been a month and windev support unable to solve the problem that related with unicode.
the worse part put me in loop for whole month for first question when I still have the whole list.

let me tell you all how ridiculous windev support can be. when the problem can be test easy.
I send to windev support for problem unable to type in india characters (hindi,punjabi, gujarati) into textbox , it keep come out question mark ('????') .
I explained when I using copy and paste, the character show up but not when typing.
I also explain not encounter such problem when I try typing japanese/chinese charater .

[windev support] ask me to send a test program .

that time I wonder what for , all you need create a windows and drag the textbox control . even though stupid, I sent a test program

[windev support] reply , I need to add the languages and some code and send me screen shot where he copy/paste the india character from web into the textbox .

I try and found still not working . so I reply with screen shot and remind him again that the problem only occur when typing not when copy/paste

[windev support] sorry, I don't have india character in my windows to test.

I reply what the heck is that answer !!

[windev support]
send again test program with the additional changes he suggest , it should work.

at this email I find that i have been make a fool by windev support.
what the point i send a test program when he can't test due to no india character in his machine.
he's not even be bother to test on his own.
how can he assume it work when he can't do the test .

so, what should I do now ?



Are you using the free support or the paid-for support - I'm assuming you're using the free support, as I had a similar experience, where you seem to go around in circles until you give up?

I don't know what peoples experiences are with the paid-for support service, but if you can afford it - maybe that is the solution? Obviously, make enquiries as to how the paid-for service works? Is it payable per hour or is it 1 payment per support request until it's fixed?

I think if using the "paid-for" service - PCS have a duty of service to fix the problem?

Just a thought... :cheers:

von DarrenF - am 05.12.2011 02:34

Hi ccc (name + e-mail address hints to you're hiding everything, I'd truly prefer to communicate with real human beings ..)

Free Tech Support of PCS is definitely overloaded. They receive hundreds of support requests each and every week. This is a free service, which means that there is no money to be put on the other side of the balance sheet. They simply do not have time & resources to do research work or to enter an intensive e-mail exchange in order to find out what the request really means.

If something very special doesn't work, it's quite tricky to communicate the problem. In your case you're assuming that everybody has an Indian keyboard on their desk. Believe me, except for Indian people - no one has! Admittedly, in versions up to and including 16 there are several problems concerning Unicode characters. I even have them myself with German 'umlauts' and I'm eagerly waiting for version 17. But: it may be that there is no solution for your problem at all. So, think about a way of reproiducing your problem using an English or French keyboard.


von Jimbo - am 05.12.2011 07:58
Thanks for suggestion.

I guess i didn't write clear , I not talking about physical indian keyboard . in windows7 we can at others languages keyboard even though the physical keyboard is english keyboard .

I mention that to the windev support plus screen shot .

I thinking about using paid-for support , but will there be any assurance to solve the problem?

while working on project that require me to use unicode , I found a lot of windev functions is not unicode support (even though in help mention yes) . I think pcsoft need to do audit on windev .

von CCC - am 06.12.2011 02:02
I can partly agree with you

I wanted to connect an java applet , created with windev, to a database

Got several mails back from pc soft with some java code. But could not get it to work. Now I have stopped for it is problebly not possible

My issue with support:
If something is not possible just say that it is not possible. I spend a week to get it to work . Thats a week time lost, not exactly 10 times faster is it

In Belgium there is a group of developers that comes together every last vriday of the month. This is great. Although to get to Belgium I have to drive 300 kilometer this works great for me. If I run into a big problem i skip working on it and go to the WDG ( windev developers group) and 9 out of 10 times I get an answer or a way to go to tackle the problem

CCC, I donnot know where you are form and if there are any windev developers near you But if so than maybe you should try something like the WDG. It is far more productive to talk to a real person who has windev experiance.


von Allard - am 06.12.2011 16:06

I know it doesn't help you right now but V17 supports natively unicode (all WX products), even the editors themselves... At the TDF they showed a Chinese version of WinDev 17 to develop in.



von Peter H. - am 06.12.2011 20:18

This game is a well-known scam of PCSOFT. Oh, how am I of this "hotline" had failed and given up.
The absolute hammer was the PCSOFT suggested I should I book a consultant from PCSOFT!
Sure, I buy "cheap" WINDEV and then pay thousands of dollars for a consultant. What a joke.
No wonder that WINDEV penetrated no further. Had PCSOFT its bugs and support under control, you would be a better MS!



von Thomas - am 07.12.2011 11:51
@Thomas: Scam? Seriously? Jeez.

If you can't get what you need working and PC soft isn't helping, why not try going the paid route. Lots of people on here that could help.

Of the top of my head, you can try Fabrice, he's always posting on the board and his rates are reasonable.

Good Luck!


von Georgio - am 09.12.2011 21:19
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