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How to create/populate Store procedures in Hyperfile Classic/ClientServer

Startbeitrag von King am 13.12.2011 11:48


'Couldn't figure out how to create dynamic stored procedure by using wdSql in HF
unless pre-creating such in Analysis (WD/B15) but it's ok in SqlServer/Oracle,
any clues, may be in 17?

Thanks in advance!




Hi King,

In classic mode you cant' have, properly speaking, stored procedures. You must use application triggers. In C/S mode you can define stored procedures on the server.

The only way to create stored procedures in HFSQL C/S is to create them in the analysis and once the database structure is updated, the new procedures are also added. But you must pass through the analysis. You can also do it by code using the appropriate H functions (like HCreateServerTrigger()).

In version 17 the HyperFile Control Center has been updated and there is a vague comment in French about being able to work with an analysis. I don't know what that really means. But if (and only if) it means we can play and change the analysis, maybe this means one could also create directly such triggers in the HFCC. (But I would be the first surprised if it were the case. I did not install the pre-version to check that out. Maybe someone else has and could answer this point.)

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 13.12.2011 14:18
Hi Alexandre

'Got your point but SP in C/S looks a bit complicated indeed and I hope
things going good in future.

Thank you very much indeed. I probably upgrade in French 17 then download
the English when it's ready and to see if there's an improvement in this case.



von King - am 14.12.2011 03:52
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