wd16 - internal window and anchors

Startbeitrag von Arie am 15.12.2011 21:28

Hi, I made an internal window holding several controls.
At the top I have a table-control, anchored widht+height.
At the bottom I have some buttons, anchored bottom.

Then I use this internal window in a parent window which has different size.
I also acnhored this internal-window-control to widht+height.
But it looks like the internal-window-control is not resized acoording to the main window.

It seems to me internal window can only be used if the parent window is more or less of equal size. It that true?


Hi Arie,

I use Internal Windows (and control) anchored to take maximum space and all works as expected, unless you specified the internal window to not be sizable (by defining max size).

Kind regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 15.12.2011 21:42
Hi Arie.

You need to calculate the % height and width, your controls (within the IW), will grow or shrink. The problem is indeed inside the IW. I'm e-mailing you an example. I've had to modify the keyboard on screen WD sample, in order to adjust anchors properly. See every key button anchors.


von RAUL - am 15.12.2011 23:50
Thanks Raul and Alexandre,
it looks like it is working now. But I've changed several things, so I'm not sure which one did the trick.
- I made the internal window smaller, so it wil always get bigger when used
- I diabled the autmoatic scrollbars.
- and some things I cannot remember right now
Maybe it a combination of things.

von Arie - am 16.12.2011 11:35
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