[WD14] Capture F10 Key

Startbeitrag von David Egan am 17.12.2011 21:00

I have an Event procedure based on WM_KEYDOWN which is meant to capture the function keys. This all works fine except for F10 which doesn't fire the procedure at all. I have tried it on 2 separate PCs with the same result. Checking through Google it looks like it may be because F10 is used by Windows for menu dropdowns and/or spell checking, neither of which are applicable in my case.
Has anyone else experienced a similar problem, ideas on how to work around it?




Re: [WD14] Capture F10 Key - SOLVED

After more research I found that F10 generates the WM_SYSKEYDOWN event (as does the Alt key), rather than WM_KEYDOWN. Capturing that event solves the issue, however you must return a value from the procedure to stop Windows doing its thing as by default Windows treats it as a 2 part process (which displays the system menu).



von David Egan - am 18.12.2011 19:41
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