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Any Windev users in New Zealand

Startbeitrag von Steve M am 22.12.2011 18:33


Just putting a message out to see if there are any Windev users in New Zealand. I am contemplating making the switch from my existing development tool and it would be good to have some NZ contacts.



I'm in Hastings. I have been getting my head around Windev for the last 18 months. After using Clarion since 1987. From what I see it is an amazing development tool.

von Murray M - am 22.12.2011 20:58
Hi Murray,

Thanks for replying, I'm from Tauranga. I am a long term Clarion users as well (started with CPD 2.1). If you don't mind, I have a couple of questions.

Did you purchase your copy from the Australia distributor.

Have you written any commercial app's in Windev yet?


von Steve M - am 23.12.2011 22:46
Hi Steve

No I got my copyf windev from trademe of all places. Spoke to the Australian distributors regarding a demo version and they suggested I fly to them and they would demo it for me but I thought that was not an option for the amount of money at the time I was going to spend. Then one day a friend emailed me a Trade Me listing for Windev, Webdev and Mobile. At the time I was the only one interested and got the lot a a very good price. Albeit v11 but was a good start. v14 had just been released.

At this stage I have not written any commercial apps but they are in the plans for next year, already doing the System Analysis and Design. Did do a little app for a volunteer agency with windev, a practice for the future.



von muzza - am 25.12.2011 21:43
Hello Steve

There are a also number of Windev programmers scattered around Australia. We have been creating and marketing commercial software in Windev since Version5.5. It is incredibly stable and you can produce very attractive and user friendly apps. There is a free current version available for download on the Windev site

We purchase all our Windev products from Guenter, who also maintains this forum.


von Al - am 26.12.2011 08:18
Hey mate, very few windevers started with it straight away. Practically everyone came to windev using something else; the most popular being clarion (maybe we killed it). We used to have very serious Windev vs. Clarion "fights" here (the good old days maybe someone should start one for us to end the year with)[[1]]. Now i guess we all know who won but I won't rub it in. Many high profile Clarionistas here, even template writers.

Doesn't matter whether you are in NZ or PNG, thats what the web is for......lots of support on this forum; the only requirement being you go through the tutorial and adopt the windev methodology.

Oh yes, I also buy from Guenter......the Austrian does it again.....


von issah - am 26.12.2011 13:11
Thanks for all the replies.

I have been watching this Windev forum for over 12 months, and have seen a steady increase in the number of names from the Clarion Newsgroups popping up. I have downloaded Windev Express and now I can see why.

Interesting that my Australian Neighbors buy from Guenter in Austria. Is this because his price is a lot sharper then the Australian Distributors?

Thanks again

von Steve M - am 29.12.2011 19:28
Hello Steve

Guenter provides tremendous support, in a completely altruisitic fashion, for the English language Windev developers by providing this forum and contributing to it. I felt that one way to show my appreciation for that effort was to purchase my Windev products from him. There is also a discount off the PCSoft retail price.


von Al - am 29.12.2011 21:05
Thanks Al.

What's Guenter's website URL ?


von Steve M - am 29.12.2011 22:03
Never mind Al, I found it


von Steve M - am 29.12.2011 22:04
Hello Steve

We are located in Wellington and made the switch from our previous preferred tool top W*Dev after over a decade of using it.

We have been using W*Dev since version 11 and have several commercial apps, both Webdev and Windev. We are currently using version 16.

We have a couple of WinDev mobile apps on our project list for 2012 and are also involved with home automation, which handily, WinDev has a whole set of specialised functions for.

Look forward to hearing from you.


von John - am 30.12.2011 12:58
Thanks John.

Are you using the Hyperfile CS or Classic database back ends?


von Steve M - am 30.12.2011 21:22
Hello Steve

Our preferred DB is HFSQL C/S if possible, but also use HFSQL classic if this is not possible as well as MS Access, and Sybase ASA if the client wants to use those.

We have a deployments where some of the data is stored in their legacy MS Access DB as well as HFSQL classic files.



von Johnno - am 31.12.2011 01:36
Hello Steve

I'm from the Bay of Plenty, but live in Asia now. We are using WinDev for much of our commercial development work. It's great to use, especially for multi-lingual projects.

Like anything else, there is a learning curve to use the PCSoft products, but I think the trick is to develop a "WinDev mindset" and not to use them as if they were one's previous tools.

Welcome to this community.



von ChrisC - am 31.12.2011 12:41
Thanks Chris.

Good advice regarding developing the "Windev mindset". I moved to Clarion from Dataflex and battled for a while to make Clarion work like Dataflex before I discovered it was much easier to do things the Clarion way. I will now have to learn the 'Windev way"

Thanks again


p.s. do you also purchase your Windev products from Guenter?

von Steve M - am 31.12.2011 21:50

I did not find this forum until having purchased the WD products. I bought directly through PCSoft, and have had good service from them. I think you will get a discount from Guenter.

I would recommend subscribing to PCSoft's quarterly LST magazine, which is informative. It's in French only, which has caused some dissension among non-French speakers - but hey, all New Zealanders should speak French given it was an accident of history that an English flag was raised there before a French one :xcool:

In many ways, the Windev way is easier as PCSoft have consolidated several complex tasks into simplified commands. But there are inexplicable bugs, and finding the correct set of commands to use can be challenging.


von ChrisC - am 02.01.2012 14:40
I am based in Auckland and have been using Windev for a year now and loving it. Came from FoxPro V9. Just upgraded to V20

I am keen to get in contact with other users in NZ.

von Mark Crichton - am 15.07.2015 10:02
Hi Steve, I am in Omokoroa, Tauranga. Have been a Clarion user for 20+ years and have used WebDev for the last 2 years. We should have a coffee some day!

von Marcel Hof - am 15.07.2015 10:16
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