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Using gmailaccount with SSL and Webdev 16

Startbeitrag von Aad Mess am 12.01.2012 12:51

Hi, does anybody know howto send emails with a gmailaccount.

SMTP: smtp.gmail.com
Use verification : Yes
Port for SSL: 465

Regards, Aad


check the help for EmailStartSMTPSession in the use section.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 12.01.2012 13:26
Thanks Paulo,

I saw this helpitem but it shows only secured TLS. I saw an item on mysnip which said that SSL wasn't supported yet (in WD14)


any ideas?

Regards, Aad

von Aad Mess - am 12.01.2012 14:14
In V14 the EmailStartSMTPSession doesn't support encryption but in V16 it does.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 12.01.2012 14:31
If you have access to the LST publication by PC Soft.

They did an article about this in version 85 (It is in French)

http://www.pcsoft.fr/lst/Last/lst85.htm (about 1/2 way down on right side)

You would need to order from PCSoft


von DanM - am 16.01.2012 19:18
Thanks Dan & Paulo,

I solved this issue using securedTSL but would like to know how to do it with SSL. French is to hard for me and the LST is published on hardcopy only so it can't translated it. I hope someday PCSOFT will publish the LST in English.

Regards, Aad

von Aad Mess - am 17.01.2012 08:23
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