Best way to embed multi-media using WebDev

Startbeitrag von John am 02.09.2008 01:16


Using WebDev, I'm wondering what is he best way to embed a graphic, html, video, etc. in a webpage. Of course this is presuming the user has the appropriate files on their end to support that functionality in their browser.



Hi John,

Most multi-media platforms (youtube, etc.) will have object embedding code included between . In Webdev, you can create an HTML control, then insert your multimedia embed code in the HTML section on the General tab.

A youtube example is here

This is a very simple way to display such media in Webdev.



von M. Beaven - am 02.09.2008 13:40
Thanks.... Just what I needed


von John - am 02.09.2008 16:23
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