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How to open .msg/.eml files without emailStartSession

Startbeitrag von Kingdr am 02.02.2012 06:22

Hi All

I have a whole bunch of .msg (email) files in a directory and
would like to import such into HF, any clues like to call some API functions instead.

Thanks in advance.



This is what I'm looking for too... is it possible in WebDev?

von Randall - am 17.01.2017 15:26
Anything is possible with time and money

File parser is always possible just depends as to whether this is a one off import or you have something more in mind.

.msg files are usually Microsoft Outlook Item format a Compound File Format, but not always. There are a number of mail servers and clients that name files as .msg even though they are really rfc2822 text.

von Eric Wiegert - am 17.01.2017 17:23
Thanks... the ones I'm interested in viewing... (ideally without opening Outlook), are Outlook .msg files. Does anyone know if there's a function within WebDev that will do this?

von Randall - am 18.01.2017 14:45
Outlook msg files can't be used direcly without heavy programming in windev/webdev as you can see in the remark of the EmailImportSource.

If you have outlook installed it's easy, just import you msg files to one outlook folder and use the functions to access the outlook data.

You have to use some external tool (google is your friend) to convert from msg to eml, pdf or some other open format.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 18.01.2017 15:33
Thanks... the EmailImportSource looks like it would do it, except it doesn't support .msg

von Randall - am 18.01.2017 15:42
It will be nice in future pcSoft can have a new viewer function for .ost/.msg/.pst like below links:


Just a thought and a wishlist.


von kingdr - am 18.01.2017 18:43
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