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static control with text in 90degree angel

Startbeitrag von RdJ am 04.02.2012 12:25


I want to display (next to a table) some static text in a 90 degree angel
using ..font is not possible because the orientation is not used there
what is here the proper way to do this?




The only way I found until now is to use a TabControl.

Use only 1 tab
Position tab to the left
Resize until only tab is visible
Set maximum lines/tab to 1
Set exterbal border to "simple"
(Set control to inactive)

Don't know of any other "simple" way.


von Walter Dieltjens - am 04.02.2012 16:08
Thanks Walter,

An other way I found now is to put an image there
first set the new font

von RdJ - am 04.02.2012 16:29
I had this issue and could not get the results wanted in WD. My solution was to use my graphics program, create the text, font, size and angle. Then export to a .jpg. I then added the .jpg to an image control in my WD window, where I could position as needed.


von Jim Carson - am 04.02.2012 16:39
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