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WebDev/What is Fix the controls in the page ?

Startbeitrag von John am 05.09.2008 18:06


On the page description, what is the check box "Fix the controls in the page"? What does it do? Although the text is descriptive, I don't see what affect it has on a web page.



The text that pops up says;

IF this option is checked, resizing the width of the browser will not affect the position of the controls. A scrollbar will be displayed at the bottom of the window...

However, my tests show that absolutely zero code changes between turning this checkbox on and leaving it off. This includes file comparing on css files.

So at this point I'd say, "It does nothing"


von KenKnight - am 05.09.2008 23:25

I'd have to agree with Ken. I've seen absolutely nothing that is changed by this setting. Good question though !!!!


von Glenn Rathke - am 06.09.2008 02:45

When I hover over the checkbox, the text that popsup says

"If controls are fixed in the page.."

Is there a setting somewhere that lets me see more of the text. I don't seem to be seeing the rest of the message or mnessages.


von Glenn Rathke - am 06.09.2008 13:12
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