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[WD15] Help with translation Oauth in C# to Windev

Startbeitrag von Manfred am 14.02.2012 18:06

Hey dudes, can someone help me with this code?, i understand that i need insert .net DLL inside project.

/// The history began as follow

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using Bluevia; //Loading Bluevia
using Bluevia.Core; //Loading the Bluevia core functionallity
using Bluevia.Core.Schemas; //Loading the Bluevia core objects
using Bluevia.OAuth.Schemas; //Loading the Bluevia OAuth objects

namespace BlueviaExamples
class Example_OAuth : Example
public string getDescription()
return ("This example makes a simple authorization process. \n"+
"Note that this example guides you trough the process,\n"+
"and you must set your developers data (consumer key, and secret) \n" +
"in the soruce code of \"Eample_OAuth.cs\", before launching it.\n"+
"Also you will be requested to type the aditional info gived during the oauth process.");
public void call()
//FIRST: configuring the consumer data:
//SECOND: creating the bluevia's client
BlueviaClient client = new BlueviaClient();
//THIRD: Creating a request over the client:
IBlueviaClient request = client.CreateRequest();
//FOURTH: Athenticating the request. When Getting Tokens, the first step is done without token authentication.

//Changing the operational mode of the library to Sandbox
//REQUESTING "RequestTokens"
var response = request

Console.WriteLine("Now we have the Request tokens:\n");
Console.WriteLine("Token: " + response.Token + "\n");
Console.WriteLine("Token secret: " + response.TokenSecret + "\n");

//Storing the Request Tokens for the OAuth process
Bluevia.Core.Configuration.Client.setTokenPair(response.Token, response.TokenSecret);

Console.WriteLine("Please type in your navigator: " + response.AuthoriseUrl + "\n");
Console.WriteLine("Accept conditions and type the pin or verification code you have been gived during the process\n");
Console.WriteLine("Verification code:\n");
var verification = Console.ReadLine();

Console.WriteLine("Now we can request the AccessTokens.\n");
Console.WriteLine("Press any key to continue.\n");
var key = Console.ReadKey();

//REQUESTING "AccessTokens"
var response2 = request
.OAuth.AccessToken.Get(response, verification);

Console.WriteLine("Now we have the Access tokens:\n");
Console.WriteLine("Token: " + response.Token + "\n");
Console.WriteLine("Token secret: " + response.TokenSecret + "\n");

//Storing the Access Tokens for the OAuth Process
Bluevia.Core.Configuration.Client.setTokenPair(response2.Token, response2.TokenSecret);
catch (RestClientException e)

Console.WriteLine("Example_OAuth has failed:\n");
if (e.ClientException != null)
Console.WriteLine("The ClientException is:" + e.ClientException.text);
Console.WriteLine("The ServerException is:" + e.ServerException.text);

catch (Exception e)
Console.WriteLine("Example_OAuth has failed:\n");
Console.WriteLine(e.Message + "\n");

//FIFTH: Now, we are ready to make an API petition:
//OAuth Api, isn't a service itself. It provides functionallity to the other APIs

Any help are very very wellcomed..


Manfred :spos:


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