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[WD14] Serial Port in Windows 7

Startbeitrag von Mujahid am 21.02.2012 05:00

Dear All,

Someone please help is there any other recipe to run it in Windows 7?

The basic coding is :

nSsize is int
rline is string
bComPortOK is boolean
FlagRCP is boolean

rline = Charact(27)+Charact(115)+Charact(49)
nSsize = Length(rline)
FlagRCP = True
WriteCOMPort( rline,nSsize,FlagRCP)

// Total row
rline = (ESC + NumToString(TABLE_ItemTable_Filter.COL_cPrice,"%9.2f"))
nSsize = Length(rline)
FlagRCP = True
WriteCOMPort( rline,nSsize,FlagRCP)


Actually there are 2 type of result there.

In Windows XP this code is work fine. But why in Windows 7 displaying different character? Some like b b

For the device is only can display numbering. It is also including demo sample to test the device. Before to test i have to select what type of OS is use. Maybe this show that different windows should do different coding.

Hope someone can help this.

Thanks a lot


we found difficulties like that, but not only with W7, also XP.
We tend to set the baudrate, databits, etc from within our application ( sParameter() )

It turned out that settings these things explicitly in de Windows driver (and after restarting the pc!), all problems were gone.

In some situations ik even looked like setting baudrate in our software had no effect what so ever.

von Arie - am 21.02.2012 07:48
Hello Arie,

Because you give me some info then all work as usual. The problem is solved.
All my fault because take simple on Baud rate/Bit per second. Just change it from 9600 to 2400 then it work as usual...

Thanks a lot Arie.... :spos: [[1]]

von Mujahid - am 21.02.2012 08:35
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