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WD A timer to read email in sometime [SOLVED 2 WAYS][[1]]

Startbeitrag von Manfred am 05.03.2012 19:07

Hello Again, Thanks and through this portal i not feel alone:eek:.

I need a routine to each 5 minutes read some emails, as Outlook work , but this is a pop3 session.

Im using a Timer to display the hour, think there can fix one code to elapsed five minutes read and restart the counter.

Thanks for the help


Re: WD A timer to read email in sometime

Hi manfred

declare a prohect global variable as int.
MyTimerCounter is int

In the timer that run each minutes, do this:
if MyTimerCOunter>=5 then
read the email

that's all

best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 05.03.2012 20:05

Re: WD A timer to read email in sometime

Hi Manfred,

I recommend to do this sort of processing asynchronously.
In other words you should do this in a separate thread.


Peter H.

von Peter H. - am 05.03.2012 20:27

Re: WD A timer to read email in sometime

Yes Thanks Fabrice N Peter, i get a thread for that because i have other to listen com port behind a modem.

Thank you.

von Manfred - am 05.03.2012 22:42

Re: WD A timer to read email in sometime

I discovered this option that runs very well instead of vars time.



von Manfred - am 07.03.2012 15:54
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