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Using SQLite as backend Database

Startbeitrag von Yogi Yang.pcs.crosspost am 06.03.2012 11:15

I read through most of the forums and tried to find any reference to SQLite but could not so I would like to know whether there is any support for using SQLite in a WD 15 app?

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afaik it is part of WD16 and above

von Arie - am 06.03.2012 12:03
if you want , you can access sqlite via odbc . but I strongly not recomend to use sqlite in multi users enviroment .

von ccc2 - am 09.03.2012 08:13
Thanks for your reply. We seem to use SQLite as our default RDBMS for stand along apps so I asked.

Andres Sanchez wrote in news message :
> In WD 15 does not appear to have a SQLite driver, but in WD 16 it does, an also we have used, it works great.

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von Yogi Yang.pcs.crosspost - am 09.03.2012 13:05
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