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Passing UNICODE string to .NET

Startbeitrag von Malc am 09.03.2012 17:23

Hi Guys

I am not able to pass a unicode string to a .net assembly, even though the .NET string class is unicode by default. This can also be reproduced in the WD Using DotNet classes example

Reproduction protocol:
Open WD Using DotNet classes example
On the .NET classes tab, open the description EDT_Text
Tick the unicode check box
Run the example for the error

Also passed on to PC SOft support

Any thoughts?




(ANSWER) Re: Passing UNICODE string to .NET

Hi Guys

Got a response from PC Soft support regarding passing Unicode to .NET
This is unsupported in WD16, but should be resolved in WD17
WD 16 does and implicit Ansi to Unicode conversion, so you cannot pass a Unicode string to .NET

Should anyone out there have WD17, could you possible check this?

sWDUnicode is unicode string = "Hello World"
sNETUnicode is "System.string" (sWDUnicode)

or something?

OK, on to the next issue...



von Malc - am 15.03.2012 14:46

Re: (ANSWER) Re: Passing UNICODE string to .NET

Hi Malc,
it works with WD17, if and only if, you choose your project to be in Unicode format.
That means that when you work in the editor "Hello World" is actually IN UNICODE format.

If your project is in ANSI format, it won't work with WD17 either.

I stopped trying to use WD17 (French) until PCSoft fixes a MAJOR bug in the Analysis.
Using Analysis in UNICODE format corrupts the analysis every time you add anything ...

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 15.03.2012 15:06

Re: (ANSWER) Re: Passing UNICODE string to .NET

Hi Steven

Thanks for the info.



von Malc - am 21.03.2012 17:06
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