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[WD16] How do you keep navigation in HTML Control?

Startbeitrag von DanM am 13.03.2012 23:09

I have displayed a webpage in a HTML control in WD16.

Then when I click on a button on the webpage(in the HTML control) the next page opens in a new browser?

In WebDev I could designate "CurrentBrowser" when using PageDisplay.

(but PageDisplay is not available to windev)

So, how do I keep all the browser activity (new pages displayed when clicking on buttons in the webpage displayed) in the HTML Control?

I do not want a new browser to open when I click on a button in the displayed page

Thanks ... Dan


This seems like such a common thing to need ...
(to keep all navigation within the HTML control)

Can anyone tell me where to look in the help system or if there is an example

I cannot find anything explaining how to do this or an example?

Thanks ... Dan

von DanM - am 15.03.2012 16:33
I don't know if it helps you but....

I never used HTML controls in WinDev but in one of our old project (Windev8) we use one activex control to show the Microsoft Web Browser in it.

Did you try this way?

To show one page using this kind of control just put in the init code of the control:

von Paulo Oliveira - am 15.03.2012 18:56

Once Again ... Thank you!

I looked up ActiveX in the help and it lead me to the WD InternetSearch Example.

That is what I need to do and gives me all the insight I need to accomplish my task.

Your last 2 responses have provided me with excellent guidance and direction.

I am not sure where you are located but if you ever make it to one of the WinDev conferences in the USA ... I owe you a dinner for all your help!

Thanks Again!


von DanM - am 16.03.2012 01:38
Glad to have helped, that is what is this forum.

will be difficult, I'm in Portugal.

When I go to the U.S. i will charge the promise.;)

von Paulo Oliveira - am 16.03.2012 10:09
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