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Configuring Webdev Server to run Windev 15 Webservices

Startbeitrag von Steve E. am 07.04.2012 00:03

Hi All,

I have developed some Soap webservices that I am trying to deploy using Webdev 15 Application Server (IIS 7.5, Windows 2008 Server)

When I run the test pages created by Windev from the Test Page button within the Webdev Application Server, I get the list of Services and get as far as trying to submit a request to the server but when I do I get the following error. Anyone know what this means?

HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error
The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid.
Detailed Error Information
Module IIS Web Core
Notification BeginRequest
Handler Not yet determined
Error Code 0x80070003
Config Error Cannot read configuration file
Config File \\?\D:\TourCube_Bookings\TOURCUBE_BOOKINGS_WEB\TourCube_Bookings\WSTOURCUBE_WEB\web.config
Requested URL http://tourcubeserver:80/WSTOURCUBE_WEB/awws/WSTourcube.awws
Physical Path D:\TourCube_Bookings\TOURCUBE_BOOKINGS_WEB\TourCube_Bookings\WSTOURCUBE_WEB\WSTourcube.awws
Logon Method Not yet determined
Logon User Not yet determined



It appears the issue is with a file called web.config which Webdev is looking for in a folder that the installation didn't create. A quick google search indicates that this file is used for ASP. Does anybody have any experience with configuring this file or know why I might be getting this error if the file isn't really required?

I have sent request to PCSoft as well and will update if I get an answer and resolve issue.


von Steve E. - am 09.04.2012 16:47
When I run the server diagnostics in the webdev application server I get an error that says "Launcher: Existence of Launcher in Virtual Directory"

Does anybody know what this means?


von Steve E. - am 10.04.2012 15:38
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