Shared Memory Zone - WD SharingMemory example

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 20.04.2012 20:21

Has anyone used the SharedMemory functions fMemOpen, fMemWait, and fMemExist?

The WD SharingMemory example certainly works but it does not use the callback procedure like in the help:
IDZone1 = fMemOpen("MySharedZone", 1024, shareGlobal, ModificationProcedure)

I am trying to use that feature but I get a compile error no matter how I specify the callback procedure - without quotes, with quotes, with parameter, without parameter. PC Soft said to use quotes but I get:
Error:No syntax of fMemOpen is compatible.
If I remove the quotes, I get:
Error:No result will be returned by the expression.

I can put this in a thread and loop on fMemWait if that would work. But so far, all my testing shows that fMemWait does not wait even if was just created. I don't see how it is reset either.

How does PC Soft implement their shared memory? How can one make either the callback or fMemWait work? It would be nice if the examples included these features or at least if the help was clear enough that you could get them to work!

It would be nice if Java and other external languages could communicate to WinDev with shared memory. Java uses a physical file but I can't find any file created by the WinDev implementation. My tests indicate that I cannot access Java shared memory. But if the fMemWait is not working correctly, then maybe it should. I just don't know what is under the hood.



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