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Finding the last Job Number and Adding 1

Startbeitrag von James.pcs.crosspost am 09.05.2012 11:45

HExecuteQuery & HExecuteSQLQuery both return a true or false.

How do I find the last job number used and then add one ++. "SELECT MAX(ProjectNumber) FROM Project" returns the correct result from the query editor but I don't know how to translate that to a variable so I can add one and then update the record with a new job number.

Thanks in advance.

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Every time I post I seem to work these out, despite looking over it for a while. I'll post my solution just in case some one stumbles upon it and offers a better solution.

IF ErrorOccurred THEN
Error("Error occurred getting the job number" + CR + HErrorInfo())

EDT_ProjectNumber = QRY_GetLastJobNumber.LastProjectNumber+1

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von James.pcs.crosspost - am 09.05.2012 11:49
Hi James,

change the query to something like "SELECT MAX(ProjectNumber) AS MaxNumber FROM Project".
After HExecute(Sql)Query use HReadFirst(YourDataSource) to read the first record an then you can use YourDataSource.MaxNumber to fill a variable.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 09.05.2012 11:49
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