Windows Date Picker

Startbeitrag von Peter Holemans am 11.05.2012 17:18


I already had some requests on how to use the default Windows date picker and a while ago it was requested again on this forum.

I went through my NAS archives and found an original V9 source that after import into V17 still worked like a charm even on a Windows 7 64 bit system...

In order to make it available for everyone it has been posted on the PCSoft repository:;utiliser-win-calendar-picker-depuis-comctl-dll&lang=UK




Peter, interesting!
would you be so kind to provide a WM16 version as well (or your old W9 one...)
I don't have WD17 (yet).

von Arie - am 11.05.2012 17:57
Hello Peter,

Thank you for this contribution, I have the same request as Arie WD16 if it is possible.


von Aelfassi - am 11.05.2012 18:58
Thank u VERY much for this - I really hoped PC Soft would have ensured their native calendar control would have achieved the look / functionality as the Windows 7 drill down calendar...

von Scott Daughtry - am 11.05.2012 23:41
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