"Synchronize" two tables with same source

Startbeitrag von Markus K. am 22.05.2012 14:40

i am confused about tabledisplay().

In plane 1 I have a table (memory table with query) which shows me all contacts. If i doubleclick a contact it jumps to plane 2 and shows me the contact's details.
Under the details there is another table with same source like the one in plane 1 (memory table with query too).
What i want to do: If i select or doubleclick an entry in table of plane 1 the same contact should be selected in the table in plane 2 and vice versa.

Can you help me?


Hello Markus

On the double click or select in table 1, you could do a TableSeek() in table2 using the contact source key value in the table1. If the TableSeek() finds a match, it will return the row number and you can TableSelectPlus(Table2,RowNumberFoundInTableSeek)


von Al - am 22.05.2012 15:26
It works, thank you :)

von Markus K. - am 22.05.2012 15:32
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