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[WD 17] Windev app on Mac using Parallels

Startbeitrag von Al am 23.05.2012 10:13

Hello All

We have been asked to make an existing Windev app run on a Mac. The limited set of functions available in Java means that re-writing it using the Java functions is not possible - No reports - No RFT - No automation and what appears to be limited email functions are complete deal breakers there.

The app uses automation to interact with MS Word documents so my question is:
Could I run the app as is on a Mac using the Parallels software and if it runs can it interact with the Mac version of MS Word or would a Windows version of MS Word work under Parallels.

Does parallels provide sufficient emulation to allow a Windows app to work properly for printing, emails, hyper file database etc.

Has anyone done anything like this ?

Even as I write this it all sounds too hard !




I Have a windows application that several MAC users run, but thay are using Fusion from vmware and this works as expected.

This app uses OCX`es , Word excel and so forth.


von Tor-Bjarne - am 23.05.2012 11:28
Hello Tor-Bjarne

There is no preference for an emulator, parallels was the only one I had heard about. Your success prompts me to investigate further.


von Al - am 23.05.2012 12:22
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