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An element of 'int' type cannot be converted to the 'CKlachten dynamic' type.

Startbeitrag von NadineNo am 25.05.2012 10:05


I'm trying to find out what the meaning is of "RefIDKlachten is object CKlachten dynamic". RefIDKlachten is a foreigh key and refers to IDKlachten from the class CKlachten. It's code I found in other classes (from the project I'm woring on) and I'm suppose to use it in my own class but I dunno what it's use is.

But IDKlachten from the class CKlachten is an int, while RefIDKlachten in my class is a object dynamic.

What happened?
Error caused by 1 parameter.
An element of 'int' type cannot be converted to the 'CKlachten dynamic' type.
Error code: 1021
Level: fatal error (EL_FATAL)
Dump of the error of 'wd170vm.dll' module (
Identifier of detailed information (.err): 1021
Debugging information:
UEL = 68

a piece of my code:

Cdocumenten is class
refIDTabellen is object CTabellen dynamic
declaration property's

PROCEDURE _FileToObject()
RefIDKlachten = new CKlachten()
RefIDKlachten:p_IDKlachten = Documenten.IDKlachten


Hi Nadine,

Assuming that "RefIDKlachten = new CKlachten() " is a declaration, you should replace the "=" with "is".


von Piet van Zanten - am 25.05.2012 10:15
Nope Piet...

If I recplace the '=' by 'is' I'll get the message that "new" is a Wlanguage keyword and it's use is incorrect. If I delete the 'new' word (RefIDKlachten is CKlachten), I'll get the same errormessage as in my previous post.

Any other suggestions???

von NadineNo - am 25.05.2012 13:11
Hi Nadine,

Check if your CKlachten method returns an integer.
If necessary step trace your code in the debugger.


von Piet van Zanten - am 25.05.2012 13:50
Can you give us some more info about CKlachten?
Is it a WD class or some .NET thing?

My guess : you should write

RefIDKlachten is CKlachten

von Arie - am 25.05.2012 14:08
hmm.. No problem but it wille be for tuesday! We've got a nice weekend with a hollyday on monday.

von NadineNo - am 25.05.2012 14:59
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