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WD16 - Is there a function to capture the link clicked on in a HTML Control or IFrame by a user ?

Startbeitrag von DanM am 24.06.2012 14:59

I am trying to capture / record the links clicked by a user when visiting a website in an HTML control or IFrame

Is there a function to capture the link clicked on in a HTML Control or IFrame by a user ?

How do you capture the clicked link's web address in an HTML Control?

Any suggestions and input are appreciated.



I have been trying to see what I can do with the Event of a mouse click since I cannot find any function of property in the HTML Control which tells you the Web Address.

I first thought I could get the the web address from the header but I do not get anything from the httpGetresult(httpHeader) because I am not using httprequest command since it is a normal mouse click by the user on the link in the HTML Control?

I can capture the Event "Mouse Click" on the HTML Control or as a windows Event but still cannot figure out how to figure out what action the Mouse click will fire or command it will execute because the mouse was clicked ...

Any ideas?


von DanM - am 24.06.2012 18:14

I received word back from PCSoft that there is no way to capture the link "clicked on" using a HTML Control ... they recommended looking into using an ActiveX Control, but can not provide any support for ActiveX

This is what I figured out :

1. Create an ActiveX Control

2. In the initialization code of the ActiveX Control, place the following code ...


NOTE: GetLinkAddress is the name of a Procedure & DocumentComplete is an ActiveX Event for the ActiveX named Microsoft Web Browser

3. and last in the procedure(GetLinkAddress) place the following code ...

EDT_LinkAddress = ActiveXControlName>>LocationURL

von DanM - am 30.06.2012 02:59
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