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[WD17,18,19,20] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17,18,19,20...?

Startbeitrag von Ola am 26.06.2012 11:22

Hi all who have already used WD17,

It would be interesting to know, what bugs and deficiencies, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

Best regards

P.S. Fixed the header to better reflect the nature of these problems...


Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

In WD 16 (at least) the report table editor is very badly bugged.
Has this been fixed in WD17?

best regards

von Ola - am 27.06.2012 06:33

Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

These are not exactly bugs, but repeating many times a day, they are very annoying negative features:

- The code editor window always opens too wide, wasting precious real estate on the screen!

- The help window always opens too narrow, requiring to be adjusted to be readable!

I wonder whether these time-wasters have been fixed in WD17?

Best regards

von Ola - am 27.06.2012 19:14

Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

In a 3-language app where one of the languages is French, the help generator generates thumbnails/screen images only of the french language windows and does not care what language has been set as default.

I wonder whether this bug has been fixed in WD17?

best regards

von Ola - am 28.06.2012 04:17

Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

In WD16 analysis, in the editable table "Describing the items and indexes of a data file", it is criminally easy to inadvertently change the length of an existing string item: just tab through the length field and voilà: the length of the item is changed to the default string item length (50 characters)!

If this goes unnoticed, it will cause a change in the structure of the datafile and an unnecessary interface and data modification!

I consider this a bug. I wonder whether this has been fixed in WD17?

Best regards

von Ola - am 29.06.2012 06:21

Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

New updates US for 17, 78p are available!

von A.H.J. Mess - am 29.06.2012 08:42

Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

Mess wrote:
"New updates US for 17, 78p are available!"

I wonder whether the updates includes any fixes for the bugs terrorizing WD16, or are they all still there? Or are there only fixes for some of the new bugs introduced by WD17?


von Ola - am 29.06.2012 13:33

Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

In WD 16 (at least) the report table editor is very badly bugged.

With "badly bugged" -- which is actually a very kind expression... -- i mean this, among others:

Is this fixed in WD17?


von Ola - am 05.07.2012 11:50

Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

In a multilingual app, in the Window editor, describing an edit control, specifying the input mask for a numeric control, is buggy. You can't set the mask for all languages at one time, say, "9" for a numeric control that can only have values 0-9, simply by entering the model value to the control, you have to open the language dialog and go through all languages and set the mask individually for each language.

And the mask set in the analysis is not obeyed here.

I wonder whether this has been fixed in WD17?


von Ola - am 19.07.2012 14:29

Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

The Project Explorer often looses its marbles, and does not show all the existing elements anymore. Especially this happens with the controls of windows; all of them are not shown in the control tree. Now, if there are buttons on top of each other, you have to start moving them around to find the button you want to edit. Or do the major repair of the project, complete with deleting the PROJECT.CPL directory...

Not really 10 times faster...

I wonder whether this bug has been fixed in WD17?

Best regards

von Ola - am 20.07.2012 07:18

Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

Just another multi-lingual BUG:

Default language is any 3rd language, not French, not English.

Add a new field to file in analysis, and give it a caption (presumably this should be in the default language, shouldn't it?)

Open the "Parameters of the control linked to the selected item (shared information)"

French section has the caption!
The default language section is empty!

This is just one of the countless bugs in the analysis field browsing and editing window; its an incredible bug collection! I wouldn't have guts to supply such crap to my users!

I wonder whether this bug has been fixed in WD17:mad:

best regards

von Ola - am 02.08.2012 08:54

Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

Hi all,

All the multi-lingual bugs I have mentioned here, still exist in WD 19. I almost cry when I need to work with the analysis editor... It is one of the crappiest piece of programs I have ever had the "previlege" to get myself frustrated with. Even the simpliest functions in it, like saving the changes, do not work properly! I wouldn't ever have the guts to release this kind of total, unbelievable crap myself! But nothing seems to be too low quality for PCSoft!

It's like having a forest to harvest, and the best tool you have is not a chain saw, but a pocket knife with a broken blade!:mad:

Best regards

von Ola - am 22.09.2014 17:09

Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

Hi Ola

saving the changes in the analysis do not work? Since when? I have been doing changes in analyses all the time for the last 20 years and I don't remember loosing any of them...

von Fabrice Harari - am 22.09.2014 19:14

Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

Hi Fabrice,

No, they don't. And not only do they not work, but even worse, saving may destroy some older settings that previously were saved and now re-touched in the latest session...

Since when? I don't remember. Maybe since version 5.5.

The most problematic part of the analysis editor is the "shared information" form at the bottom of the field browse: and especially the input mask and the display mask in numeric fields. Often only the French setting is saved! If I make a change in the common mask fields, they do not stick to all languages, but only to French. I have to change the setting separately in each language, and when I then save and come back, only the French setting has sticked! This can be worked around by saving the whole analysis after first saving the file settings. And even then, occasiaonally, only the french setting is there, when I come back!

And if and when the settings are finally saved, if I later retouch them, they may be lost again, unless I go through all the language fields separately and "save" each field!

And when and if I manage to get the shared information right, it may not be used at all by Windev's internal generator for instance when making a new report! Only the field caption displayed in the field browse will be used in some cases. That caption does not seem to be attached to any specific language?!?! In some cases the shared info is used, surprisingly. So it's a nice idea but useless and waste of time.

And there are many more problems with the multi-lingual features of WD... It' an awful mess, to put it nicely. And it's not only the multi-lingual features, the whole file description editor.

My OS is Finnish (I've used Win 8, 7, XP, 2000 ... no difference in this respect...), app has 3 languages: Finnish, English and French. Finnish is the default. App was started in WD5.5 and has gone through most upgrades, being now in WD 19.

best regards

P.S. "Ten times faster" -- my sitting muscles!:(

von Ola - am 22.09.2014 20:34

Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

Why are you asking about bug fixes in WD17.

The current version is WD19 and I don't think you will be able to buy an dated version of WD from PcSoft. :)

von Yogi Yang - am 23.09.2014 04:36

Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

Hi Yogi,

Actually I am currently using WD 19.

The original message was dated June 26, 2012, when I was on version 16.

I added my current comments at the end it just to show that the multi-lingual system's bugs are just as bad as they were 3 versions ago.

best regards

von Ola - am 23.09.2014 10:45

Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17?

I added my current comments at the end it just to show that the multi-lingual system's bugs are just as bad as they were 3 versions ago.

At least they are consistent.


von abonds - am 23.09.2014 14:36

Re: [WD17] What bugs, if any, have been fixed in WD17,18,19,20...?

I am so utterly frustrated with the analysis editor. I almost cry when I have to work with it. It is unbelievable, how bad products PCSoft is able to release. I would like to say some really ugly words, but I understand that there may be some younger people here who might get upset to learn new swear words.

They just couldn't care less, could they?

Best regards

von Ola - am 23.10.2014 13:20
I don't think there are any young developers in this forum ;)

Most of us already half in the grave :hot:

So speak yourself out here ;)

von Yogi Yang - am 30.10.2014 11:30
Is there any bug with the print of RTF documents? When I use the RTF Editor Example, when I print the images do not appear in the preview. Does anyone knows any workaround ?

von Luiz Menezes - am 30.10.2014 13:01
Hi Ola

There is a saying in English, but I'd hazard a guess that there is a similar saying in Swedish: "A bad workman blames his tools".

I, also, have never experienced "bugs" in the analysis editor. Unless your bugs are consistent with other developers, it might be a worthwhile exercise to review your environment and the techniques that you are employing.

Nothing is perfect, certainly not a development tool with the scope of WinDev, but I am curious as to why you do not develop using Microsoft or Java tools - instead of wasting your time complaining for the last 15 years (WD5.5).

There is nothing helpful in your posts. The bug descriptions are vague, and your posts appear to be little more than an opportunity to vent your spleen, and show-off your wide-ranging invective.

von DerekM - am 01.11.2014 05:57
Hello Luis

There are a couple of serious bugs in printing rtf especially through the pdf printer.
One is that is it cannot reproduce tables and the other is that printing images is a bit of guesswork. To print an image you just have to keep reducing its' physical dimensions - not so much its kg size until it prints. I tthink it must be a margin issue.
It can't print mutliple graphics on a single page either. I have found the only way around that is to manually combine the images and text into a single graphic item and print it as a whole page.
It does sometime work better if you use an external pdf printer such as Adobe or Foxit.


von Al - am 01.11.2014 14:22
Hello Derek.

I think you are being a bit hard on Ola, yes he does complain a bit but there is always an element of truth in the complaints and I think he is just venting his frustrations. He does also answer forum questions and I think he would know that PCSoft take no notice of criticisms. :-). I think also that I am shielded from some of the errors that he experiences because I only program in a single language.
However, he is correct about the analysis editor. It has no bugs, in that it works but it is an incredibly bad piece of programming, especially when you consider, it is the focal point of creating the databases on which all our apps are based.

It has not changed substantially since V7 and I have to wonder if PCSoft actually use their own products on a day to day basis to develop software to run their own business, because if they did, most of the problems that we all have would have been fixed by now.

To just mention a few of the problems in the analysis editor.

You can't search or sort the field list.
To add a new field you have to click the add button because it won't just add a line.
When you create a new field, the caption is altered form the field name to a leading capital and lower case letters - why on earth do they change my spelling which is invariably Hungarian Notation.
The version in 5.5 was actually better in one respect because it had the ability to hold some code that I think went into the init code when a field was used in a window or report.
There are no tools to show you a list of fields in use and which files use which common fields - I had to write my own utility for this.
I can't use the analysis editor from WinMobile because it shares an analysis with my main app and the main app has a connection to MS SQL server and because this is not supported in WinMobile it will let me make changes to the analysis but I can't generate a new analysis version because it's not smart enough to ignore the SQL file links.
The field list editor is completely modal, so when it is open I can't even go to the analysis pane in the editor to look a fields in another file and obviously I can't have more than one field list open.
The meta type window opens with French and English captions when it should only open in English and then it forces me to enter a French language caption and French and English descriptions - why ? It's ok though because I haven't a clue as to the purpose of the meta types anyway.
There are no mass change tools of any description so if I wanted to add logging to my current database I have to individually change 500+ files, The same applies if I wanted to change the report field visibility option, each field in each file must be changed individually , which is 1000's of fields. There was a new option in V19 to allow the "repeatable Read" transactions on files but to implement that, I would have to open each file, navigate to the details tab and I must do this 500+ times.
In the field editor, I can't drag and drop fields to reposition them. If I want to move them I must select and then click an arrow key multiple times.

In short, the database is great, the tool to drive it is very poor and has been neglected with no work done on it for years, so in that I share Ola's frustrations.


von Al - am 01.11.2014 15:22
Hi Al,

Some other annoyances:
Files and/or items suddenly appear to be logged or encrypted by default without ever being specified like that.
If you find out you need to manually check all files and items and modify them one by one.
Some defaults are illogical and annoying too:

  • why is the rtf static now the default static in Webdev? I hardly use it.
  • why are columns moveable and resizable by default? I always have to check and modify them back to normal. Especially because there's a bug that messes up the row height when a column is moveable in Webdev. (reported and acknowledged but not fixed yet)
  • the decimal mask (one language -Dutch- only) in reports is a gambling game, keep trying until it's finally right, without ever knowing why or when.
  • Why does the search still not take modifications into account, in most cases resulting in a crash when searching again after modifications?

Regards, Piet

von Piet van Zanten - am 01.11.2014 19:26
Although I have been force-fed with Swedish language teaching in school like all Finns, I have never needed it, so my Swedish is really rather bad. Therefore I cannot tell whether there is an equivalent saying to "A bad workman blames his tools". But I know that in Finnish there is. And I definitely do blame Windev's analysis editor. Does it make me a bad workman?
I do not use other tools, because I am too old and busy to re-do my ERP again. By the way; what languages are you using in your apps and analysis?

@Al & Piet
I know your bugs, too. My problem is that the multi-lingual mask bugs are an even bigger problem, and cause endless extra repair work.

@ All
I have finally bitten the bullet and made (again) an extensive bug report of the analysis editor (multi-lingual) problems. I did so also a few years back, but of course they were "not able to reproduce", and I was too tired to start teaching them how to find bugs. The same applies to-day. They cannot reproduce regardless how carefully I explain the process. Either they do not understand English (or I cannot explain myself), or they are just too lazy to do the testing themselves, or even to read my explanations, or they just could not care less, because French and English in their opinion work almost decently, if used as the only languages.

This weekend I have done further testing with several new multi-lingual test apps, and I noticed one major difference with my old ERP app started in WD5,5 (now in WD19) and the new apps started in WD19:

The new apps have the different language sections in the same sequence in the analysis editor and in the window editor (which is how it should be):

In the new test apps the Windev's default language is always first (English in my case)

In my old app FRENCH is first in analysis editor, and ENGLISH in window editor! My Windew is supposed to be English, so my old app or analysis is somehow broken, or not fully upgraded in one or more of my earlier WIndev upgrades!

But this affects mainly the process of placing the initially entered field caption into the correct language section (in my old app it goes to French, in the new app to English!). The rest of the problems (mainly the masks) are all still the same also in the new test apps!

The problem exists in most kinds of field types but is emphasized in the multi-lingual mask settings of currency fields.

I made my new currency field test apps with several different language and default language combinations: the input and display masks will always be MESSED-UP in the currency fields. Initially they look OK, but when moved to and checked in the form window, the default language has lost the (+currency) addition (which is a bug, but actually preferable!), and all the other language input masks have lost everything, becoming "0". The display mask of the default (English) remains "the same as input", as it should, but the "other" languages have become "0", These WD-generated changes effectively ruin the fields so that they are not useable as such. The problem is emphasized by the fact, that the masks cannot be fixed during the same session when they are created! Both the field and the file description must be saved first, and only then the errors can be fixed (painfully for each and every language except English, or French, if French is the default) so that they stay put!

These mask errors generated by WD are and have been absolutely predictable and reproduceable every time, in all my computers and all operating systems, as long as I remember. So when PC Soft technical support says that " I did not replicate the many problems", then I really am flaggergasted and must say that maybe they just did not try hard enough?

The multi-lingual "feature" of Windev is a big joke.

Best regards

von Ola - am 01.11.2014 22:25
Hi Ola,
I can confirm the bug with the Curremcy Mask. It has been here for a long long time ...
But (at least on my installations English-Greek) it is NOT always reproducible .
Sometimes I see it and sometimes I don't - I haven't found a pattern yet !!!

I have just learned to live with it ...

But this doesn't make the "multilingual features a joke" :)

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 03.11.2014 15:18
Hi Steven,

Thank you for the confirmation!

There still seems to be a major difference in the level of the problem's difficulty. You have it sometimes with two languages, while I have it always with three languages. And you don't have French, which seems to "enjoy" some kind of undocumented privileges in WD's internal code. French seems to further mess up the things: In my app (started in WD5,5) I have the language-specific settings in different sequence in the field editors of the analysis and the window. In the analysis' field editor French is first, and in window's field editor English is first. It really is a total mess. (In my new test apps the languages are in the same sequence: English first in both analysis and in window editor. All the other problems are still the same.)

This means, that for each new currency (or numeric) field I have to open the file description two extra times and manually change the mask fields six extra times, if I want to have the fields to be ready to use in the app development (input mask three times and output mask three times = 6 times).

Of course I could just leave them the way they are created and (messed up on their way from analysis to window) by default, and just live with them, but then I would have to edit them even multiple times, if they are used in more than one window, where they must be fixed, latest, if they are to be used at all. What good is a currency field, if the maximum value you can enter in them is 9? I could do the calculations better with my fingers and toes rather than with a windev program!

Add to all this, that the languages behave differently in different editors; forms, tables, reports...

My opinion is not humble on this one. I really believe that based on my real-life experience I have all the rights to call Windev's multi-lingual "feature" a joke. And the more languages you use in the app, the bigger the joke is! It could also be called an in-built terrorist, who does its best to sabotage my work.

Best regards

von Ola - am 03.11.2014 19:01
Hi Ola,
I understand your frustration ...
Here is a technique I use - maybe it can save you some time:

Since my apps are not only multilingual but also multicurren(cy), I never bother with the masks in the analysis or on my forms/tables/reports.
I have to use different masks - depending on the currency - so I deal with it in code.
Even if there wasn't this bug in the analysis editor, I still would have to deal with it in code.

Same thing with quantities (where I now use Decimals instead of the Currency type).
Different industries have different needs for quantity decimals - and not ALL my users want to use 6 decimals on every form/table//report !!!!

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 03.11.2014 19:29
Hi Steven,

I also separate value and currency, always, but but this has no significant effect on the mask mess problem. I keep them in separate fields and do not handle masks at all in my code. Currencies are in a separate file where they can be picked up when the user needs a currency that is different from the one he has set as the default for his ERP. I think this is the logical choice if you are doing any kind of import operations, and in some cases you may even need to sell in another currency than the one used in your country. I think it is a very stupid and amateurish choice from PC Soft to include the currency character in the currency mask AS DEFAULT.

PC Soft should let the developer set the defaults masks for different field types and languages globally in app or Wx settings. (Well, actually this is partly possible in the project description, but of course it does not work.)

best regards

von Ola - am 03.11.2014 20:52
Hi all,

I requested already in V12 an enhancement to be able to do mass updates (ideally scripted) on meta-data in the analysis editor. Recently I needed it again changing string to unicode string for all textual fields in the analysis. No other way than changing each field individually.

Since this is such a major shortcoming I would like to suggest that we all raise an enhancement request with PCSoft to provide a (scripting) tool to do mass updates on the analysis meta-data...

Since I requested this already 10 years ago, I though not many people needed it but now it seems I am not the only one who bumps into this issue.

The same goes for meta-data on windows, pages, controls etc... It would be great if we were able to have a (scripted) mass update tool for that.

With all of this in mind and finally noticing I am not the only one, it might be great if we could join our efforts and all raise again an enhancement request to be able to do mass updates on the meta-data of any WX object (analysis, analysis files, analysis fields, windows, pages, reports, controls, ...)

Who's in?


Peter H.

PS: They could sell this as the next 150 new features... (cynical laughter)

von Peter Holemans - am 04.11.2014 08:38
Hi Peter,

Good idea, I'll do a request right away.


von Piet van Zanten - am 04.11.2014 09:13
Hi Piet,

My request has left as well...
Peter H.

This is a re-request for an enhancement (the next 150 new features?) that I already raised with V12 and for which still no solution exists....

For large projects (large analysis, many windows, many pages, many controls, many reports, ...) there is no possibility to do mass updates on the WX metadata.

Example: Last year I needed to change all string fields in the analysis editor to unicode string. There was no other way than to spend almost a full day, going through each field of every file and changing the type of string to unicode string... This is were 10 times faster becomes 100 times slower...

Therefore I would like to re-raise my enhancement request from 10 years ago...

I (together with many many other WX developers) would love to be able to do mass updates (ideally scripted) on meta-data in the analysis editor. Currently there is no other way than changing each field individually.

Since this is such a major shortcoming I would like to suggest to provide a (scripting) tool to do mass updates on the meta-data of any WX object (analysis, analysis files, analysis fields, windows, pages, reports, controls, ...).

Discussions on the different WX fora shows that I am not the only one who bumps into this issue and who gets frustrated with the unabilty to do this kind of work in an efficient wayl.

It would be great if we were able to have a (scripted) mass update tool for that.

Thank you for concidering this asap?

Best regards,


E.g.: Try to change all textual fields in an analysis (with >1000 fields) from string type to unicode string type...

von Peter Holemans - am 04.11.2014 09:58
Hi Peter,

I am in with your and Al's suggestion for a mass change tool (for all Wx elements).
It is just plain lazyness from PC Soft, that such a tool in not already available. It shouldn't be too difficult to do.

But of course, because the Wx code is such spaghetti crap under the analysis editor and in all multi-lingual features, it might be better, if they'd fix the basic problems first, before adding another bowl of spaghetti on top of it.

I am also afraid that the underlying code in Wx is beyond repairability, and therefore they cannot do anything else but add another 1000 eye candies annually, to hide the real problems. Within the next 10 years we will receive another whopping, amazing 10 000 new gee-wow-whiz-"features", of which I may actually need and use two or three.

best regards

von Ola - am 04.11.2014 10:49
Hello All

My request to tech support has also gone in. Like Peter I have been asking for these sort of productivity tools and also the ability to set defaults in the window/table/control editors on and off few quite a few years with no result. These tools are so obvious I am completely baffled as to why they are not provided.

The pity is that tools like these would really live up to the 10 times faster motto.
I would gladly trade every one of the next 999 new features in V20/21 for better productivity tools.


von Al - am 04.11.2014 10:55
I agree that the tools/enhancements you suggest would be very useful.

I would however suggest that it would be a pretty brave person who tries these out on an active project.
New functionality in WD does not have the greatest record for 'success out of the box'

I have recently been playing with UML classes - you would not believe the damage done when the UML is regenerated following changes.

von DerekT - am 04.11.2014 11:01
Hello Ola

I don't know what is under the hood in WIndev and as we have established I am shielded from all of your mutli lingual issues, but I don't share your pessimissim re the product base.

I can produce robust applications that stand up incredibly well in the field so it can't be that bad. However I must admit that V19 is much more prone to crashing that an any previous version. The 64bit version is not really worth the effort of starting it up and the 32 bit version crashes quite often when debugging, but we all know that PCSoft rush everything out to meet their yearly self imposed update schedule and then fix the major issues later, so I expect it will be more stable in V20.

My other long running request to PCSoft is to take the pressure off yourselves and just charge me a yearly maintenance fee, like all my other development tools do.


von Al - am 04.11.2014 11:06
Hello Ola,

PC Soft should let the developer set the defaults masks for different field types and languages globally in app or Wx settings. (Well, actually this is partly possible in the project description, but of course it does not work.)

Would it not be possible (and probably easier) to build a Component and use that component?


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 04.11.2014 11:21
Hi all,

I just sent the following request to PCSoft's free support email: supportgratuit@pcsoft.fr
(I hope they do not deduct this from my quota of 15 free support requests -- although I have never come even close to using them all...)

Dear Windev development team,

I would most humbly like to suggest to you an improvement in the Wx tools.

It would be just awfully nice and swell to have some kind of mass change tool to do any changes in Wx elements and their settings in one batch run, instead of doing the changes, one by one, maybe thousands of times in a big app.

Most of all this mass change tool would be needed to do changes in the analysis file and field descriptions.

This could be a macro or scripting tool, but there is also a quick and easy (and still not a dirty) way to much improve the overall editability of the analysis:

The field browsing in analysis editor currently already has some of the standard AAF features, where you can eg. select the fields (columns) to display or not. The problem is that the browsing table currently only has five fields in it, so there is not much to choose from, is there? Currently there is also a search tool which can be activated by Ctrl-F, but it is not of much use with only 5 fields to search from, and no possibility to replace anything, is it?

Now what can you do, easily and fast and cleanly, in just a few hours, to make this situation at least 10 times better? You could do this:

1. Add all the possible item's property fields to the file's field browsing table, including the multi-lingual captions and input and display masks. This should not be too difficult, is it? Shouldn't take many hours with modern, fast development tools and a professional programmer.

2. Then add a search and replace tool to work selectively either separately for each column, or all columns. Shouldn't take many hours with modern, fast development tools and a professional programmer.

3 Also add a new table in the analysis, which shows all the fields in all the files, and also has the same search and replace tool as described above. Shouldn't take many hours with modern, fast development tools and a professional programmer.

4. Test these new features at least for a couple of days with a large multi-lingual analysis managing French and English and some extra languages, changing the default language every now and then, before releasing, please?
This requires a good and experienced programmer, better than the one who usually does your testing:-)

And while you're at it, please fix all the many multi-lingual bugs that i bump into daily, and that you, too, are sure to finally find during this process.

5. Release this new feature as a patch for WD19.

To me this sounds quite doable, and I am sure it would make a lot of developers happy. What do you think? May we have it, ASAP, please?

Best regards

von Ola - am 04.11.2014 12:53
Here's mine:

Here are some requests that would significantly increase productivity:

After migration from a previous version or an import of Windev elements it is often necessary to change the properties of many elements in many pages. e.g. the movable or resizable property of many table columns. A mass modify option would really speed up development.
This is why I'm very reluctant to upgrade to a new version each year: after migrating from 18 to 19 I had to manually change all colums in my tables to not moveable because of a bug in WB 19. (#83 896/095127)

For tables it would also be very useful to be able to set default properties for columns before creating the table. e.g. I never set columns to resizable or moveable, but still this is the default.

Some elements of an analysis may have an unwanted property, unknown to the developper. On a regular basis I find some log files and have to check all file items one by one if they are flagged as logged or encrypted. It would save quite some time to be able to list all file items and their properties and change them en masse.
Such a utility is extremely simple (a table with item names and selectable property column(s) to be modified.

I cannot find a way to list cross references of file items. If I want to know which files use a certain item name then I have to visually inspect files (!) and compare their properties.
Remember that many analyses have a very long history and may have gathered unconsistencies during its lifespan. ATM it's very hard to "debug" an analysis.

Setting borders in a report has worsened from version 19. Current settings are not retained and the interface is hard to understand and inconsistent.

Best regards,
Piet van Zanten

von Piet van Zanten - am 04.11.2014 13:21
Hi Al,

I'd like to be an optimist too... Seeing some fixes to these age old problems would help my optimism a lot.

I agree with you about the robustness of WD exes.

Best regards

von Ola - am 04.11.2014 14:46

I've send a request for a mass update tool for WX-elements too.

I've also received an acknowledgment: "The request is forwarded to the concerned people and will be processed later."

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 04.11.2014 16:19
Hi Peter,

Count me in!

(By the way, thank you so much for your open source OOP code. Tremendously helpful).


von Michael Q - am 04.11.2014 23:02
Hi all,

The worst report editor bugs have been fixed, although there still are some weird "features" in it. But it is now quite usable.

Best regards

von Ola - am 18.10.2016 08:19
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