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[WB17] How to refresh image from click - ajax enabled

Startbeitrag von Christo am 04.07.2012 14:46


I can change the picture of a image control from the onclick browser code of a button, but how do I do this from the server click code of a ajax enabled button ?

Any ideas ?



Wow, this is the only post returned from a search relevant to onclick change of image. It's a little disconcerting that this topic has been sitting here for more than 7 months with no replies. Image swapping and dynamic sizing is basic functionality that can be accomplished using Javascript. Isn't it possible in WebDev? I've seen where there's a place to indicate an image for rollover, but what about Active, and Visited states? How is an image changed using onclick?

von Randall - am 05.02.2013 13:23
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