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controles input width

Startbeitrag von RdJ am 05.07.2012 07:51


Was just wondering is there a way to get all the input fields in the input controls the same width.

No every time when I add a language and check the text in front of the input part of this control I have to resize this, because there are a lot off the same kind underneath each other it is every time a lot of work to 'resize' them.

When I am in the GUI tab, I can set the total control width, but there is no specific part there where I can define the input width, so is there a way that I can do that?


if you make the 'alignment-pane' visible there are a lot of alignment options to choose from. select the reference button and then select one or more buttons you want to have the same size. and the choose the aligment option you need.

von Arie - am 05.07.2012 08:27
Hi Arie,

Thanks, but it seems that you can only choose the same "the same width" and that is for the total not only for the editable part or do I miss something here.

von RdJ - am 05.07.2012 08:34
On icon 8 (from left) of the 'alignment-pane' - Inside/Outside Justify will make all selected controls the same size.

Play with the options, there are 17 to choose from

von DerekT - am 05.07.2012 09:39
ok thanks

von RdJ - am 05.07.2012 09:48
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