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Anyone using Webdev on a Linux server?

Startbeitrag von Piet van Zanten am 24.07.2012 10:25


I'm wondering if anyone is using Webdev on a Linux server?
There are hardly any posts about this on this forum.
While Linux is the leading OS for webservers, its implementation for Webdev leaves much to be desired.
1. Deployment on Linux (and I have tried serveral distro's) using Webdev tools never succeeded (I'm currently deploying manually).
2. Remote debugging is not available for Linux.
3. AFAIK there is no Webdev administrator for Linux, except the Webbased version, which has no option to create a site.

On the French forum there are hardly any recent posts about Linux, but going back a bit further in time I see many posts form people abandonning Linux and going back to Windows server.

Sofar I was able to circumvent all my issues, but now I'm facing a real showstopper.
I successfully deployed a site on a local test server running CentOS 6.2. (beta)
Apart from the little bugs that still float around in Webdev, this site works perfectly.
Now I installed in my real environment, a rented VPS running on CentOS 5.8 (final version)
The site appears to be working at first, but some pages abort with an internal error, some pages abort with a session no longer exists.
Checked and double-checked all settings, which are equal on both servers.

I'm still waiting on a response from Support Technique, they said some of these problems were resolved in version 170078n. Well the US version is 170078p, but when I install it, the Linux version still appears to be 170069w.
Funny huh?
Then I installed the French version 170078n. Still the same problems.

I think I know the answer, but still ask: am I alone in this matter or do I have some partners in misfortune?




I would like to use WB-Linux, but your story scares be a bit :)


von Tor-Bjarne - am 24.07.2012 12:10
This is the reason why I develop in php modus with webdev. ( website )

If you want webapplication , hmm then better use windows.


pitty for linux servers are cheaper.

von Allard - am 24.07.2012 21:57
This is the reason why I develop in php modus with webdev. ( website )

If you want webapplication , hmm then better use windows.


pitty for linux servers are cheaper.


Are you happy with the quality of the PHP created by Webdev? What version are you running?


von Steve E. - am 24.07.2012 22:23
Hi Steve
I use version 17.
Actually Iam very pleased with webdev php. I looked at a lot of tools and in my humble opinion Webdev is a program unlike any other app on the net. It is very easy to use yet very powerful. )Only webdev php would be worth the cost). ( It is not only php but javascript and ajax features as well ).
Programming can be done in W language and that is very productive. If you know Windev then Webdev is easy to master. I made some fantastic webbased apps using only webdev.

I made a cms of my own in about 4 weeks ( incl learning webdev ) www.wdsoft.nl
I made a web app for my clients where they can post problems etc. These are things I could not have done at all using a php framework.

However. And this is what I stated earlier. There are about 600 functions that can be used in webdev php. Bare in mind that there are some 2500 wlanguage functions. So 600 is enough when making a webbased app for customer support etc But if you want to make a Windev app available on the net then you might get into problems. Then better use the webdev application server. The same for a web service ( you will need the application server)

von Allard - am 25.07.2012 22:43
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