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WinDev Mobile 17: How to change the caption of buttons

Startbeitrag von Jan B am 24.07.2012 15:18

I'm trying to build an iOS application and want to use the function YesNo(). Can anybody tell me how I can change the caption of the buttons?
If I call the function, the text of the buttons appears in French, although my project language is German.

Thanks for your help.



Hi Jan,

Did you already add these windows to your project?
Then you can change them in any way you like

von RdJ - am 26.07.2012 06:49
This seems to be just one minor part of the general BIG multi-lingual BUG COLLECTION in Windev procucts. The multi-lingual settings just don't work as documented. Actually it is a major mess and goes all over the WX. Unless they have fixed it in WX17, which I very much doubt.

But if/when you want to change the caption of a button or control, it goes like this:

BTN_Whatever..Caption = "Click here"

Best regards

von Ola - am 26.07.2012 10:59
@ RdJ: Which windows do you mean and where I can find them? When I look in my WinDev directory, I find a window called "WP_YesNo.wpw". This looks very different from the window that appears when I call the function YesNo().
Are there other changes necessary if I added the window or simply call the function?

@Ola: I thought as much.
I don't know the name of the button or the window called by YesNo().

von Jan B - am 26.07.2012 11:45

See the help for "Customizing" -> "The system information windows (or dialog boxes)"


von Ola - am 26.07.2012 12:22
This isn't supported in WinDev Mobile.
According to the help:
"...In WinDev, display the 'Style' tab of the description window of the project ('Project .. Project description' ). Check 'Apply the theme of skin template to the system information windows' and validate..."
But this checkbox isn't available in WinDev Mobile.

von Jan B - am 26.07.2012 13:12
Then maybe you should ask the technical support? And then tell us all how it is done...


von Ola - am 26.07.2012 15:35
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