Is there a way to do Incremental search on a WEBDEV combo / list box

Startbeitrag von PETER ZHOU am 18.08.2012 14:15


Actually i've asked this question last year but not reply..

Is there a way to do Incremental search on a WEBDEV combo / list box ?

I want to provide an easier way for the user to select record as it's very hard to go through a long list of values.

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Hi Peter,

The search feature on this forum is often very useful:,28986,29019#msg-29019

Best regards

von Ola - am 18.08.2012 23:47
Hello Ola

Does that link you provided answer the question about how to do Incremental Searches in WebDev (as opposed to WinDev)?

I too have tried unsuccessfully a number of times to search the forum for an answer on how to do this.

Do you have a useful forum search technique to share with us that returns an answer to Peter's WebDev question?



von Lucy A - am 19.08.2012 11:56

You can put an edit control next to the combo where the user can enter a search string.
You can either use a button or an Ajax Function to do a ListSeek for this value in the Combo/List and then do a ListSelect.
The button is the safest way, as I recall that there is an issue that the Browser code "Exit with modification" does not get fired in Webdev 17.


von Piet van Zanten - am 19.08.2012 12:22

No, I can't. I am sorry, I just assumed it works the same. Obviously it doesn't.

best regards

von Ola - am 19.08.2012 20:51
Hi Piet,

My user want to use a SEARCH field (EDIT field) to do the incremental search and don't want to click on a button.

As there is no event in the EDIT field ( not like WINDEV using the whenever modiffied event)..Do you have any idea on it ?



von PETER ZHOU - am 21.08.2012 10:40
Surely the way to do it it is with a browser side event calling an ajax routine? 'Exit with modification' ? This works for me!

von bosher - am 21.08.2012 12:00
Also if you look just below the code window there should be a small line with buttons that represent additional browser events, you can use keypress to call an ajax function every keypress, that way you can build an autocomplete box easily.

von ManiK - am 21.08.2012 14:36
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