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[WB17] Splitter in Webdev

Startbeitrag von Michael Drechsel am 21.08.2012 14:42


in Windev I use very often a splitter to split the screen in some sections.
At the left side I have a treeview and at the right side a table control.
If the treeview captions are to large the user can move it to the right to read all in one line.

Today I saw a Buffalo NAS Webaccess with the same feature.

Is that possible in Webdev 17 and if yes, how to do that ?



In servoy that is possible as well. This week someone showed me it is easily done when programing it your self css javascript.

It would be verry usefull indeed so I will take a lok at it . Still do stuff in webdev , spair time haha.

Firt I have to figger out if the table control can be used in real appsas inline editing control. Meaning after someone edits a cell have control over what is added ad based on that do calculations and retrieve stuff from db.



von Allard - am 19.06.2016 17:22
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