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[OT] MS Office 64 bit problem with Outlook and Windev V16 app

Startbeitrag von Al am 29.08.2012 09:08

Hello All

Just a heads up re a possible issue with the 64 bit version of MS Office Outlook.

One of our clients has bought new hardware and installed Windows7 pro 64 bit and 64 bit MS Office. The consequence was that the Email options in the print preview window did not work. As you would be aware, this is something outside our control as PCSoft have hidden all the coding for the preview window. The client installed the 32 bit version of MS Office and everything worked fine.

I have no idea if there is a basic incompatibility between our V16 App and its inbuilt print preview functions or there was a problem from the installation of MS Office, I am just mentioning it to keep in mind.



Hi Al,

As you know I had a similar problem on a 2003/2008 server with WD14. I upgraded to WD17 and the 2008 server is working fine now. On the 2003 server though the problem still remains.

Kind regards,


von Aad Gouka - am 30.08.2012 07:16
Hello Aad

Thanks for the feedback. I am not ready to swap over to V17 just yet but its nice to know it will probably fix the problem I am having in V16


von Al - am 30.08.2012 10:52
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