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[WD14] Easy way to handle modification analysis

Startbeitrag von Mujahid am 07.09.2012 14:39

Hello all,

So sorry if my explanation and terms is wrong or not clear.

I was changed/modified the analysis item/fields in current project. Im using Hyperfile classic.

It is problem when updating current user of my software. Example problem is :

Description of logical file () stored in analysis differs from the one stored in physical file (). Unable to access file.

So how to remodified automatically to my current softwares user?
Is there have good way so my customer can handle it easily.



Check the help for 'Automatic modification of the files'

You can do it when you install a new version of the app if you choose that option in the setup generation or you can use the WDModFic tool provided with windev and run it using the GUI or by command line.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 07.09.2012 15:49
Hello Mujahid

When I change the file structures, I send the project wdd file and patches to the client site. The init code of the project always checks to see if there is a wdd file in the data folder and if it is there, it runs WDModfic using ExeRun(). If that returns true, the process then deletes the wdd file.


von Al - am 07.09.2012 23:19

Thanks for the guidance.

I have try using WDModFic but no data is modified.
From the LOGMODAUTO.txt appear this info :

[ModifAuto -08092012 - 08:51:] - No HyperFileSQL 7 file to modify
[ModifAuto -08092012 - 08:54:] - Checking out the files for automatic modifications intoC:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Temp\WDS40E7.tmp
[ModifAuto -08092012 - 08:54:] - Beginning of the automatic modification of the HyperFileSQL files
[ModifAuto -08092012 - 08:54:] - Running the automatic data modification
[ModifAuto -08092012 - 08:54:] - Automatic modification of the HyperFileSQL 5.5 files - Executable used = C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Temp\WD_E189.tmp\WDMODFIC32.EXEVersion:
[ModifAuto -08092012 - 08:54:] - Converting the data from HyperFileSQL 5.5 to HyperFileSQL
[ModifAuto -08092012 - 08:54:] - The conversion DLL was not foundC:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Temp\WD_E189.tmp\WDCNV140.DLL
[ModifAuto -08092012 - 08:54:] - Beginning of the automatic modification of the HyperFileSQL files
[ModifAuto -08092012 - 08:55:] - No HyperFileSQL 7 file to modify

What actually the problem? Which part that im missing?

Thank you.

von Mujahid - am 08.09.2012 01:04
Hi Mujahid,

at first you have to understand, how to open the HF files in order to determine if any file and which file needs modification. Big projects can become very slow at start time if you're using HCreationIfNotFound("*") see: http://www.windev.at/html/programstart.html

Therefore, it is advisable to open each single file by HOpen(FileName) and to identify missing files which can be created / opened using HCreation(FileName) in the process.

This process gives you the file name and the error number in order to distinguish between errors caused by e.g. damaged indices and errors caused by a differing generation number. There's HIndex(FileName) to repair a damaged index but you have to use WDModFic in order to restructure a file for a match with the analysis. WDModFic determines whether a file has to be restructured or not by comparing the generation numbers. There are two generation numbers:
- the analysis contains a generation number for each file. Whenever a file is created this generation number is put into the header of the generated file. Whenever a file is modfied and the new analysis is generated (using the button with the flag) the generation number is advanced by one and the modifications are recorded in the analysis. (formerly, in WinDev 5.5 the MOnnnNNN.bin files contained that info which is included invisibly in the analysis now)
- in each file's header a 'generation number' can be found too. If the generatiuon number in the file's header differs from the generation number in the analysis, WDModFic.exe will restructure the data file until its structure corresponds to the structure given in the analysis.

Imho, WDModFic v16/17 needs several files, not only WDModFic.exe but WDnnnOutil.wdk, WDModnnn.DLL and a WDModFic.png (?) in order to run ok.

Kind regards,

von GuenterP - am 08.09.2012 08:19
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