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[WB17] Radio Button option alignment

Startbeitrag von Chris du Toit am 09.09.2012 16:52

Can I ask someone to try something on their webdev:

I drop a simple Radio Button control on to the canvas. In the description, I leave the default two options (or rename them to "Option 1", "Option 2")

Now when it renders in the designer, its fine. In the browser, however, the caption for option 1 and option 2 are always BELOW the radio button itself, like this:

option 1
option 2

Instead of:

() option 1
() option 2

I've played with every setting I can find and haven't been able to get it to work as expected. I even tried 2 column and then I get this:

() ()
option1 option2

Can someone please verify if they have the same issue?



Hi Chris,

I had this problem in the beta version, but not anymore.
Are you using the 30A170078p version?


von Piet van Zanten - am 10.09.2012 08:46
Hi Piet - Thanks for the info. I am using 0078p. I guess I get the joy of raising another bug report :)


von Chris du Toit - am 10.09.2012 10:18
Dou you have a project made in an older version? I have a problem with the html text in an app made in version 16. If I make a new project thaen all works fine. If I make a new page in the old project then the html tekst control doesnot work.

Why. ? I just is ??


von Allard - am 10.09.2012 13:26
Hi Allard -

Interesting....yes, I originally created this project in WB16 and then upgraded to WB17.

I tried what you said: I create a new page in the project, I still have the problem. However, if I create a new project, it works!

Any suggestions for creating a new project and then migrating my code and analysis from the old project?


von Chris du Toit - am 10.09.2012 13:43
Hi Chris,

When things get messed up, what I do to get a fresh start is:
- delete the res and language folder(s) (e.g. US, FR, NL) from the _WEB folder
- delete the language folders from the root of your project.
- delete the .cpl folder
- open the project (you'll get loads of gui errors).
- do a repair
- do a regenerate html pages, by now all gui errors will have gone

This will rebuild all web files and clean up unused files from the folders.
In my experience many unexplicable problems disappear after this cleaning operation.


von Piet van Zanten - am 10.09.2012 14:55
Awesome Piet, I'll give it a try tonight.

von Chris du Toit - am 10.09.2012 15:03
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