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[WD16] Analysis metatypes: any good?

Startbeitrag von Ola am 12.09.2012 15:49

Hi All

I have been waiting many years for the metatypes (model items in analysis) to develop to a useable level. I am still waiting.

In the meantime, I would like to know if anybody have found them usefull and is using the constantly?

To me they are practically useless, because:

1) they seem to be limited to two fixed predefined languages: only French and English. Cannot add more languages, even if there are more languages in the project. I wonder why they have this limitation? Not only the predefined but also custom metatypes have this idiotic limitation.

2) they can be only used when adding a new item to a file description. They cannot be used to modify an existing item. It would be very usefull if they could be applied to existing items.

3) the predefined metatypes are totally fixed, they cannot be changed. As such, they are useless in many, maybe most, countries/languages, and their big icons only waste space in the selection window. At the minimum, it should be possible to hide or disable them in the selection window.

All in all, the metatypes is just another of the million or so quick and dirty clipped, cropped and clapped "WD features", practically unuseable.

Metatypes have a lot of potential, though. As an idea it is great. They could help make WD fly. But maybe PCSoft's world class programmers are just too lazy or the management too creedy to make their product good? They are too busy inventing new unnecessary 1000 features for the next sales brochure, due out soon?

best regards


Metatypes also seem to have another typical WD feature: when I try to add a custom metatype, the program crashes...


von Ola - am 13.09.2012 08:24
Hi All

Has there been any real development on the metatypes in WD18?


von Ola - am 11.05.2013 10:39
Hello Ola

Nice to see your comments are as dry and entertaining as ever, I am still smiling over " another typical WD feature: when I try to add a custom metatype, the program crashes..."

I opened up my copy of WD18 and you will be relieved to know that it no longer crashes when you try to create a new meta type, it just locks up and whatever it was the V18 "Sales" example now won't open. I tried again with a different example project and it all worked fine until I tried to change the English mask and then it crashed right out to the "Report to Microsoft " window so it hasn't been fixed. Even if it worked the fact that it forces me to work past the French parts in every single element means its not worth the effort.
The analysis program in V5.5 was actually better in some respects than the current version 18. It had displays of the fields used in files and if memory serves me correctly some of the code events were available to a field.

I think I am mellowing in my old age, and I don't get as wound up about what I see are PCSoft's lost opportunities. They have the best development language available and all they need to do to win over a huge number of developers is spend perhaps 6 months stabilising the product and we would all become willing evangalists for them.
They did it with V7.5 where they obviously decided that they needed to rebuild the Hyperfile engine and setup the development langauge for the future and they did an amazing job and blew away practically of the physical limitations of the hyper file and the language.

They have such a solid base product it makes me so sad to see them wasting opportunities and alienating developers by releasing half finished bits and pieces just to create 999 new features each year.

The stupid part, is that for me the problems are just petty annoyances, there is nothing that is a show stopper, it just the gradual loss of confidence that they build over time. V17 was unusable for me and I approach V18 with absolutely no confidence, which is wrong, because it won't be that bad, it's just that lack of confidence rearing its ugly head again.


von Al - am 11.05.2013 12:31
Hi Al

Thanks for the status report on metatypes.

Generally I SO agree with you about WD and its plusses and minuses.

Additionally, I am continuously and cumulatively very frustrated because of the endless bugs in the multi-lingual system of WD. Using French as one of the app's languages seems to be a major terrorist nest; it messes everything up in multilingual settings, and getting them right in each item and control very effectively eats away all the benefits of the advertized "ten times faster" warp speed of WD.

What WD needs, is some (at least some) attention to the quality, in addition to, or even in lieu of, the number of "new" features -- some of which are not even new, but actually age old bugs and omissions.


von Ola - am 14.05.2013 06:56
Hello Ola

Lucky for me I only have one language.

If you think that the presence of the base "French" langauge is causing issue when mixed with other languages, what would happen if you removed "French" as a nominated language and used Language 1 instead. Just put your French text into the Language1 (or French Canadian) area instead of the using the real French language slot.

This could eliminate errors caused by using the real French Language component.


von Al - am 14.05.2013 07:20
Hi Al,

I really envy you!

I just wonder, how I could easily transfer all the texts in the real French language slots (Nation 5) to another language slots? I am not especially enthusiastic doing it manually, as that would mean spending the rest of my life with that job, and I thought that buying a boat would be more relaxing...


von Ola - am 14.05.2013 07:58
Hi Ola,

It will probably not be the answer you want, but using WDMSG you can do that in about a one minute. (Ok, let say 10 minutes when you learn how to do it for the first time.) You export the language slot 5, then you reimport it as-is in any other language slot. And voilĂ ! Your done and can remove the other language slot from the project!

Maybe to cost of the tool would be marginal comparing to the time you would spend doing it by hand.

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 14.05.2013 12:20
Hi Alexandre,

You are right. That's really not something I want to hear, paying some 600-700 euros extra just to get rid of the worst and biggest bug in Wx! And still have no guarantee that the bug really could be fixed with it... I would rather expect PCSoft to fix free of charge the beeping multi-lingual bug which has existed for ages...

Anyways, thank you for this info.


von Ola - am 14.05.2013 13:07
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