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Guidance on WinD as a Dev Environment?

Startbeitrag von Ian Cordingley am 14.09.2012 13:12

Hi Folks

I see there are loads of developers really happy with WinD as a dev environment, and because of that we are once again looking at testing it for suitability for our purposes. I am hoping to get some feedback on how it might work for us. I have played with Express and I like the IDE but without actually building something to try all this (below) out I doubt if I'd get any really good understanding. I suspect it would be a 30 day task to really try it out in depth and see where it fails to deliver what we need (if it did!).

Here is what we do:

Currently develop in Servoy (unhappily).

Develop primarily for Java Web Start Smart Client but more and more need to run our app in a browser, so currently fixing everything that does not work in Web Client to make it capable.

We need to deploy to some Clients internal systems (can still run in a browser there) and also our version of SaaS means we need to switch databases after log-in.

Our target is to run the solution from our Cloud Server.

We need to upload quite a lot of files (images and PDF) to a server space and some others to BLOB Db columns. Those uploaded to a server need to be retrievable too for display etc.

We need to generate a range of PDF documents and in many instances merge several PDF's into a single document file.

In terms of security we need to be able to run both Client Db and User Db - this is so that we can limit users from a specific client to just their Db's but it also means that Client admins can add their own users etc. and we can add Clients. Currently this involves our own custom set-up as there is not an easy way to make forms / elements etc editable / not editable at run time without using Solution Change tools (slow and very cumbersome).

We run a custom filtering process where we take three or four data modules (some of which are related but some others not) and allow the user to search on that disparate data. The format of the search is essentially this Find A in Comp, B in Fab, c in Cor and d in Tran, and each of these search criteria are concatenated to create a series of data sources (Comp, Fab, Cor and Tran) where they are all true for the criteria.

Sounds complex but the concept is straight forward - to do this we place 4 forms in find mode, capture the SQL generated by the search command, and then run each SQL Query against the relevant Tables.

The system is very coding heavy in order to achive our data handling aims.
So my questions currently are (I hope some of you experienced code warriors can help here) these:

Q. Is WinD capable of all of this search / find functionality without resorting to crazy levels of work around's?
Q. Does WinD security allow this level of flexibility in Clients and Users?
Q. Does WinD security manage access to the level of window elements edit ability?
Q. Should I be looking at WebDev instead of WinDev?

Appreciate feedback.



4. To run in a browser WEBDEV for sure.
1. Yes, if you are usnig sql query probably you can use the same sql sentences in WebDev. It depends on what is the DB engines you are going to use (HF/CS, MSSQL, ORACLE,...).
http://doc.windev.com/en-US/?3072002&name=sql-functions&q=SQL query
2. You can change db at run time
3. you can hide/unhide options and so using User Groupware
http://doc.windev.com/en-US/?2018001&name=user-groupware&q=User groupware
This are some of the help pages regarding this issues, take a look at them mainly in the notes section and hit the see also button to see the related topics.

If the files to upload/download are very large it can be a problem.
Merge PDFs i don't know how to do it.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 14.09.2012 15:13
Hello Ian

You can definitely achieve this goal with webdev (and not windev, as you are looking for a web environment)

I agree with paulo for most of his answers, so just to complement:

- merging pdf is done easily with an image control to extract each page of each pdf, then printing the extracted image in a new pdf file... 2 imbricated loops to manages pages of 'n' documents, and a iPrintImage at the lower levelr

- regardind answer 3, I personnaly do not like the built in groupware, but I'm able to do what you request with a simple permissions module that I developed and which gives me full control on everything.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 14.09.2012 15:45
I Have used Windev from version 12. ANd bought webdev 17 this year.

To complement the others

PC oft is stating Windev is a 5GL. And Although the software has features witch can be called 5GL. Like the RAD. it is verry robust and flexible.
Many programmers are not font of 4gl or even 5GL For they think A 5GL is a tool to create basis stuff. But if you need to create someting not basis it can be verry difficult or even impossible to make.

In my humble opinion Windev, and even Webdev, is a robust robust 4GL. The Wlanguage is a cool language with more than 2500 cool functions. It supports all traditional stuff and even OOP.

I have alway been able to create exactly what I want with Windev.
And pcsoft is not like MS. The way MS stopped supporting Visual Foxpro is not the way PC Soft treats it's clients.


von Allard - am 15.09.2012 17:22
Thanks Folks

I am downloading WebDev Express right now and will take a poke around in there too.

I was hoping I could use the same code-base for both a Win Desktop app and the Web App (as I can (notionally) do with Servoy, I thought that was one of the boast of the WD concept?

Is this actually not feasible?

von Ian Cordingley - am 17.09.2012 10:18
You can use the same code if you do it carefully. If you separate the presentation level from the logic/business level of your code only the presentation level needs to be specific for web/win.

You can achieve this using several ways, just some samples (one in runtime and the other in development):


von Paulo Oliveira - am 17.09.2012 11:00
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