How to run a Stored Procedure into windev

Startbeitrag von Ricardo am 23.09.2008 17:37

Hello, everyone,

I need to run a stored procedure into Windev, there some command to do this, someone could help me ?




Hi Ricardo,

If you talk about a stored procedure on a HF C/S server, look at HExecuteProcedure.

If you want to execute a stored procedure in an analysis (for HF) I never was able to call them directly. -- Maybe there is a trick I don't know.

I stopped using stored triggers in the analysis when I saw it was not compatible HF and HF/CS (and other DB).

I would like that if I define a procedure in the analysis, to be usable and working in HF Classic and in HF C/S when available. This is sad this is not working. Also, stored procedure in the analysis should be available. And such trigger should also work with other DB wether native or not. (I.e. by executing the trigger locally as in HF Classic.)

But I guess I'm dreaming. That would be real DB portability.

in the meanwhile, I'm building my "own" procedure that I call manually, using transactions.

Best regards.

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 24.09.2008 14:02
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