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Automatic calculation on Columns

Startbeitrag von Ramesh am 21.09.2012 21:00

there is the option of automatic calculation on columns. I have 3 tabels

total on a column in 3rd table
will be added to 2nd table
total of second table will be adde to 1st table

any sample would be appreciated




What it your question? If you would like someone to give you an answer then you need so discribe your problem a specific as possible

1 What do you want to achief
2 Where does it go wrong /



von Allard - am 22.09.2012 13:01
sorry if I did not make it understandable.

Table 1 holds info about projects
Table 2 holds info about task
Table 3 holds info about action

if Table row 1 is selected all tasks for this project are shown in Table 2
if a task in table 2 is selected one sees all actions in Table 3

Each action cost is added up by the automatic sum calculation in table 3 and assigned to Task in table 2

Total of all Task cost is added by automatic sum and and iserted in table 1

With other words the total of each project cost is calculated.
I not sure if that makes more sense.


von Ramesh - am 23.09.2012 17:31

There is no automatic option to assing the totals of one column to a cell on another table.

Are you having problems when assiging it by programming?

TABLE_1.column_total = TABLE_2.column_cost[rowTotal]

von Jose Antonio Garrido - am 23.09.2012 18:47

Why 3 tables?

What you require could be easily displayed and programmed in a Treeview table.

von DerekT - am 24.09.2012 09:13
3 table, because each task can have multiple actions.
I do not quite understand what you mean by treeview table, how would that work?


von Ramesh - am 25.09.2012 05:21
Ramesh, a treeview would work this way:

Initaly you can only see the projets, but you select a project and press the right arrow, the project expands and you can see all the task insede. also you can expand the tasks to see the actions.

I don't use it normally, but one time it came very useful.

José Antonio

von Jose Antonio Garrido - am 25.09.2012 18:58
Thanks, ok I see I was confused by the term "Table" Treeview.. Threeview is something I know what it is.

von Ramesh - am 25.09.2012 20:19
Late reply apologies.....
Jose has explained what I was eluding to but it very much depends on your exact requirements.

'Treeview Table' - this is the WD name for the control.
IMO well worth a look as it combines the flexibility of a treeview with the ease of use of a standard table when accessing rows, columns and cells.

von DerekT - am 26.09.2012 07:50
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