Looking for a Mentor/Contractor

Startbeitrag von Gary Williams am 26.09.2012 15:58

We are just finalising the plans for an Android application that will also have a web "back office".

At the moment it is down to a final choice between WinDev/WebDev and C# .Net/Mono.

Whichever route we go we want to hire a mentor/contractor to assist with the development.

The idea is that the mentor would be heavily involved in modelling the app and helping produce the final specification and that I would then do the bulk of the "donkey work" coding, refering back to the mentor regulary to keep the code clean/lean/mean and to discuss any issues arising or changes required.

The Mentor would either be hourly rated or perhaps on a retainer with min/max hours, that needs to be ironed out with any interested party.

If anyone here is interested could you PM me and we can discuss, or is there a better forum to post "job opportunities"?




Hi Gary,
I think people (I do) would like to know where you are based....

if you decide to go the WM/WB route, I can assist you in some way.
you can contact me at
windevver _ at _ gmail _ com

von Arie - am 27.09.2012 08:31
>> I think people (I do) would like to know where you are based....

I am based near Guildford, Surrey, UK.

Whilst it might be nice to work physically close, I don't think geography is a major issue, with Skype and WebEX distance is not so much of a problem.

I have worked on joint projects before with partners in India, Spain and USA.


von Gary Williams - am 27.09.2012 08:48
You are right. Working remote is not a problem these days and quite efficient.
Just wondering...

von Arie - am 27.09.2012 08:59
Contact me at ocalle(at)ar.inter.net

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