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Do Broadband Speeds affect WebDev responses?

Startbeitrag von Clarion Ghost am 14.10.2012 10:09


I live rural and, although promised upto 25mb by my Broadband provider, usually I have to be satisfied with around 12mb.

I am still very much in the learning curve and yet have to put my 'learned genius' to the test on the net. I am using Apache 2.2 on my laptop and want to know if it is my imagination that is playing with me. It seems that when the service drops to 4mb/6mb running webdev through Apache speed also drops causing pages to hang?

Or is this something else?

Many Thanks


Hi Ian - not sure if I fully understand the question.

If you're running everything localhost then the external network speed should have no affect on your webdev speed.

Check also if your using HFCS that your DB being accessed is not a remote DB on your hosted server.

von Chris du Toit - am 14.10.2012 16:09
Hi Ian

I Live rural too, and my hosting provider promises me only 1 Mb (and sometimes, I really get that)... So I can tell you without hesitation that having a 4/6Mb speed would NOT hang anything that is managed by a webdev server, and furthermore not anything that is managed locally on your dev machine

Now it is possible that something else on your machine is using a lot of bandwith and hang the whole machine when it doesn't have enough to "eat"... But that would have to be something really glutonous

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 15.10.2012 13:55
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