[WB17] Install on Linux

Startbeitrag von Carlo Hermus am 22.10.2012 12:28

Hi all,

I installed HFCS on linux ubuntu 64 bit and it works just fine. Now I installed WB application Server on the same server with apache and all went well, but when I open the webdev admin or any AWP reference I get a Internal Server 500 error. Anyone know anything about this issue?



Nobody have any idea?

von Carlo Hermus - am 23.10.2012 18:49
Hi Carlo -

It's a little tricky getting everything going just right...the problem is its hard to diagnose based on just a "500 error"...it could be anything. One of the most common issue is appropriate file permissions.

Can you look at the log files and see if there is any more information in there?


von Chris du Toit - am 23.10.2012 19:06

Thank you for your answer.

That is just it. I checked all my log files of apache vhost and I cannot find anything in why it is giving this error. I just installed it on a clean OS and followed the document. I am now changing from Ubuntu to Debian, just to make sure Ubuntu is not only not supportedm but also technologicaly not supported.

Keep you updated.

von Carlo Hermus - am 23.10.2012 19:43
Good luck...I did successfully run it on Debian myself before. I switched over to Win/IIS but can vouch it did run on Debian.

Absolutely follow the documentation to the letter...it is quite particular about doing absolutely everything it says and in the right order!

von Chris du Toit - am 23.10.2012 19:54
Just changed my server to Debian and installed it. It is now running the scripts. Just going to proceed step by step.

So Ubuntu is technical a no go.

von Carlo Hermus - am 23.10.2012 20:18

I tested some more. It is not possible (in my understanding) when you use Plesk and WB together on one server and let Plesk do the Vhost registrations.

von Carlo Hermus - am 24.10.2012 15:35
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