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'Threads' on Android

Startbeitrag von DerekT am 22.10.2012 17:34

I am running a thread on an Android phone.

Threads in android cannot be stopped (ThreadStop not available) but according to the Help
ThreadSuspend() and ThreadResume() are OK.

Problem is if I call ThreadSuspend() I get the error.....
Internal error of WDJava framework.

The call is based on the value returned by ThreadState() so I know the thread is active.

Anyone had any luck using this command?


Re: 'Threads' on Android - UPDATE

Sent PCS a test application and they have confirmed that there is a bug concerning ThreadSuspend() on Android devices.
This would imply that I am the only person in 'WM World' that has attempted to use this function.
They have given me a number and passed this on to their developers.

Not holding my breath for a fix any time soon but their response to the issue was received within 24 hrs.

von DerekT - am 27.10.2012 09:12
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