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How do I use Complete

Startbeitrag von Clarion Ghost am 12.11.2012 20:39


How do I use Complete to limit the lenght of data returned to an FSTC control in a Table

I had in mind

Complete("FSTC_NameAddress",20) - placed in Row Display.

This is just ignored?

Many Thanks


Hello Ian

I would suggest that there is no need to limit the size of the display with complete().
You can set the width of the column and turn off the "adjustable" option in the "General tab of the table editor and this will lock the column to the size you set.
Another option could be to lock the column width, set the column to multi line text and set auto line wrap on. There are also horizontal scroll options to have a look at.
If you are going with multi line text columns then you may want to turn on the row resize option of the table.


von Al - am 12.11.2012 21:30

you want to receive a string, always exactly 20 bytes in length? How about

X is string = AnyText
X = Complete(Left(X,20),20," ")


von GuenterP - am 12.11.2012 21:41
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